Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Away

I don't have any food posts today.  So sad :(  I've been away this weekend, visiting various people in the Baltimore/D.C. area.  I went to undergrad in Baltimore, so a lot of my friends from school are still down here, and my husband grew up in this area, so my in-laws are here.  
This is the first time I've really spent a significant amount of time away from home since going all-out vegan, and it was interesting.  

First stop was my in-laws'.  It was late by the time I got there.  My 4 hour trip took 6 because the Garden State Parkway was ridiculously backed up...the half hour I usually spend on it took two full hours.  Luckily, I had plenty of food packed.  First, I did bring a pre-packaged tofu sandwich from my local natural food store, Mrs. Green's.  I know, not the perfect solution, but I was far too busy to be making something ahead of time.  Plus, it is delicious :)  I don't have the exact nutrition info because the packaging is gone, but my favorite one is around 350 calories with 25g of protein.  I also had some soy chips later on, with some cut up bell pepper.  

Saturday I went into D.C. to visit my college roommate.  I had the Spicy Thai variety of Primal Strips on the Metro, which is my favorite.  We went to The Diner for lunch, which was good, although very un-vegan.  I had the veggie sub without the cheese, and the bread was really squishy and good.  Also came with a side salad.  We spent the rest of the day hanging around watching TV, went out to The Reef for dinner and drinks, also very un-vegan, but plenty of salads.  Its bad, but I think I end up eating more veggies when I am away from home, although the protein intake definitely suffers.  Ended the night at the Black Squirrel.  Apparently absinthe is legal now?  They had it there, it was strange (didn't try it, just strange that other people were).  One of our Organic Chemistry professors in undergrad had us try it, was gross.  But then, I guess people drink a lot of things that I think are gross.  I had two different really good red wines at The Reef, that is what I like.  

Today, Sunday, we just chilled some more, and then I went our for lunch with my cousin, who was on her way up to Baltimore to visit her boyfriend.  We stopped at Thai at Silver Spring.  I love Thai food.  There are very few "ethnic" restaurants where I live, so whenever I go into a city, I try and get some Thai.  

I really have a hard time staying with other people, because most people eat three meals, which is not at all how I eat.  I usually eat between five and seven times a day.  I am back at my in-laws' now and just snuck upstairs for another Primal Strip (mesquite lime this time, those are the only two I like).  My mother in law is in the process of making dinner.  My sister in law (who is at college), has a suspected gluten intolerance, so my mother in law is experimenting with gluten-free ingredients, and I am pretty sure she is also trying to make dinner vegan so....that's pretty nice :)  

So, I know this post was kind of boring, but I didn't want to go for too long without posting.  I will be home tomorrow, but have a huge paper due Tuesday, and don't get home from class until almost 11 on Tuesday, so, sadly, I don't think my blog will get any more food until Wednesday.  Better be something good!!

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