Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Happy Thanksgiving

In my personal opinion, being healthy is on the forefront of being happy.  On days like Thanksgiving it's easy to let fitness fall to the wayside.  It's easy for the same to happen when it comes to eating well.  On these days, its inevitable that one has got to give, and for me, it was the healthy food.   To keep health at least half in the picture, I dragged my family out of bed for a 5K this morning.  Some of us walked, some of us ran, all of us were chilly, but it was such a great way to start the day, especially this"special" day.  

Brother - Me - Dad - Sister In Law - Brother

There are always lots of pets at this race, mostly dogs.  But as far as I am concerned, this little guy was the star!  His name is Lucky. cute is he???  

He even has his own race number!

Now, on to the food!  The Thanksgiving "feast" was fine.  My grandmother was really good about not putting butter on the TONS of vegetables that she always makes.  Seriously, tons of vegetables.  I also brought some seitan.  But really...any day like this, for me, is all about the dessert.  

*Disclaimer* Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday (if you didn't realize, it is actually the greatest holiday and is March 30 if you decide to celebrate it!) and Easter (I love Easter) are big healthy day exceptions for me!  

Enough babble.  Without further ado I present to you my very first vegan cheesecake!  



Heavenly Vegan Cheesecake

Making this, was beyond simple. 
The recipe we used for the filling is Here
The recipe we used for the crust is Here
Seriously, it does not get easier than this.  I only made a few modifications.  
First, we added 1 tsp of cream of tartar to the mix.  
Second, we did add the extra tbsp of flour that was suggested in the comments. 
Third, we actually cooked it twice as long (50 minutes).
Fourth, I added lemon zest to the crust. 

Serves 12.

Nutrition Information:  237.0 Calories;  11.8g Fat;  3.8g Saturated Fat;  0.0mg Cholesterol;  451.3mg Sodium;  30.8g Carbohydrates;  1.7g Fiber;  2.2g Protein
Oh, how did it taste?  Awesome!  It really did taste like cheesecake, and the lemon made the taste very bright.  I actually thought it might be a little too sweet, but that didn't stop me from having multiple helpings.  Oh, and all the meat, dairy, and egg eaters who I was having dinner with liked it as well.  All in all, if you are looking for a plain cheesecake recipe, this is a good choice.  However, not so good that I won't be trying other recipes! (I adore cheesecake)

Today's Baking Song:  Is This It - The Strokes

I hope that everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!       


  1. I'm horrible at crusts, so i'm always impressed by people who have no trouble with it! i'll have to try these recipes...the cheesecake looks wonderful!

  2. i think it's great that you ran in the 5k!! my friend did it on thanksgiving, too, and he said he's never been more freezing.

    your cheesecake looks amazing!! i bet it tasted even better.

  3. Oh, well cheesecake crust, seriously, is SO easy. You mix graham crackers, butter, sugar, press it into the pan, ta da. I don't think I've ever made a real pie crust!

    Joanna, the weather was actually not TOO least after the race was over and we had some tea and coffee!

  4. that is SO awesome that your family did a 5K thanksgiving morning! what a great and smart way to start out a traditionally glutonous holiday. i wish i was so motivated :) that cheesecake looks heavenly, by the way.

  5. Your first cheesecake turned out perfect! I'm glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving with your family.

  6. Although I don't like cheesecakes much, but it does look quite tasty!

  7. hey Gina! The cheesecake looks so good! Great job! My first one turned out terrible looking, ach; but yours looks gorgeous!

  8. Thank you and thanks for stopping by!!