Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It (Was) My Birthday!

So I mentioned awhile ago how excited I was for my birthday, and then, I completely missed the opportunity to post about it.  I did have a good day, no one important forgot, I got a hug from my yoga teacher, Denny wrote a lovely post in my honor (that's a first, thank you Denny!), and my mom went crazy finding me a vegan cake.  But find one she did!  So, I felt I would be remiss to not share it with all of you.

It is from Back to Earth, which I have actually never been to before.  I've intended to go a few times, but never actually made it.  And, it is peanut butter chocolate.  Oh man...you all are most likely aware of my slight peanut butter obsession.  Needless to say, it did not last long.  Thanks mom :)  

The main reason I didn't post on my birthday was because I was so busy.  Too busy to even come up with birthday present ideas.  My brother was smart enough to ask me almost a month ago, and I got his present a few weeks ago (he's at college), and have been using it, so there is no real picture, but it is this Gaiam yoga mat bag.  

Love it!  I wanted one where you could open it to place the mat in, not slide it in, because my last mat-holder (meaning the mesh bag it came in) was like that, and I hated it.  This has a nice magnetic closure, and lots of pockets.  I have no use for said pockets, but I love that they're there.  Gaiam has lots of other bags and yoga accessories, if you are in need of anything like that.  

My other brother and my parents gave me my presents the night before my birthday, along with going for Indian food at Saffron, and then my cake.  

The only thing I could come up with for my parents was a stainless steel water bottle.  I think the rest of my present will be a dehydrator, but I'm still on the fence, plus, I haven't had time to research them.  Anyway, the water bottle is great!  Its a liter, but because of the way it is shaped I can still fit it in my hand.  Made by Enviro Products.  My brother who lives here got me a turtle Build-A-Bear (the shell is a backpack!).  Its really cute, and he knows I love turtles!  Its name is funny but...well, also potentially offensive, so I am choosing not to share it online.  Trust me, its better this way!  Plus, the fact that my 16 year old brother spent half an hour in Build-A-Bear making my birthday present?  That is almost present enough!!

So that was, more or less, my birthday in a nutshell!  I did go to DC the weekend prior, had fun, went to Sticky Fingers (awesome), and I do have a few pictures from there, but they're on my phone so....don't count on ever seeing them, frankly, haha.  I expect to be going back there soon, so I'll try and remember to bring my camera and take real pictures.            


  1. heh heh what a great bday it was gorgeous!

    wow that cake looks aaaaaaaamazing! i want some!lol

    i wanna take up yoga too...just gotta find the time for it....but seriously yea...how long have u been doing yoga?

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    What an amazing cake, I wish mine looked that great.

    Adorable yoga mat bag!

  3. how nice that your mom found you a vegan cake! happy birthday!

  4. WOW that is my kind of birthday cake!

    maybe as a further bday celebration you should pick up a pint of that coconut milk ice cream we talked about lol, even if you dont love ice cream you'll love it!

  5. Happy belated birthday! That cake looks delicious!

  6. happy belated birthday to you, Gina!

  7. Gina,
    Happy belated birthday! Sounds like it was a busy, but great day.

    OK, so your mom totally scored with that cake. I know you love your peanut butter...go Mom!

    Ha - I love that your brother spent half an hour making your turtle. So, I'm dying to know the name. Please please please email it to me...I promise not to tell. :)

    P.S. I hear you can't go wrong with an Excalibur dehydrator. I want one!

  8. Happy Birthdayy!!! I wish you the best year of your life until now, followed by even better years :)

    The turtle is so cute...and the cake looks yummy!!
    Take care


  9. sounds like a wonderful b-day! congrats and much love to you.

  10. happy (belated) birthday! it sounds super fantastic. and the cake....oh my god.

    sticky fingers...*dreamy face*

  11. happy belated girlie!!!! that CAKE LOOKS FANTASTIC!

  12. Oh, happy belated birthday!! That sure looks like one kick-ass cake!

  13. Happy Birthday! That cake must have been amazing - my favorite flavors too.

  14. Gina,

    Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us! Mine was the 6th. Gonna make that cake!

    Happy Spring!

  15. ahh i know i'm late but happy birthday!!!!! i love your build a bear turtle. he is just too precious. my ex bf and i made those together and i think he had fun. boys like doing weird, feminine stuff sometimes. he made me giraffe and got a bathrobe for it.