Monday, March 2, 2009

Best Month Ever

If you aren't aware yet, I am here to let you know that March is the best month ever.  If you are wondering why, I am kind of upset that no one took the time to stalk me and figure out when my birthday is.  

Okay, I'm not really upset (thank you, for not stalking me, actually), but my birthday IS this month, and it IS a big deal.  I think I get so excited about it because its at the very very end, so I anticipate it all month.  In reality, I never do anything that great for my birthday, but this year, I am most likely heading down to Baltimore/DC (again, not very exciting), but I am also going to be leaving for Hawaii again less than a week after!  And when I come back, I'll be bringing my husband with me.  Not bad, right?  

Anyway, I know that March technically started yesterday, but this is the first day of the week, so its the first important day.  And for me, March started out with a snow day.  This was kind of upsetting.  First, I only have two weeks left at the school I am student teaching at, and I just lost a day.  Second, I was supposed to be observed today, and I was up late last night actually writing a lesson plan.  

The day off had its perks though.  First, I didn't do any of my work for class tonight, so I got that all done.  Second, my supervisor can come tomorrow, so I didn't make up the fancy lesson plan for naught.  Third, at least since its a Monday, it was a scheduled day off from the gym.  Fourth, I got to actually cook some food.  So much that I can't even fit it in one post.  

Vegan Green "Eggs" and...Oats

I went into the fridge this morning, and all I could find was a broccoli.  Okay, I like broccoli, but I REALLY wanted some tofu scramble.  I could just use broccoli and onions I guess.  But then, I found green onions.  Then, I found a half a green pepper.  Then, I decided I'd throw in some of this really beautiful chard that I bought...oh...two weeks ago? (Debbie Meyers Green Bags are a lifesaver)  Add that to 1/4 block of tofu, make it sweet and spicy, and you've got one good green breakfast.  

I had some chocolate oats with strawberries on the side.  It was just some soymilk, cocoa powder, and butter toffee flavored stevia.  Good way to start off the day off.

Now, I know I said I was going on a baking hiatus, but Celine knocked me back to my senses.  I don't think anything makes me happier than a creatively healthy baked good.  Enter her Chickpea Blondies that she posted about this weekend.  

Baking with beans is just the best idea ever.  I've made cookies with lentils, and I'm sure that many of you have tried black bean brownies (I have not...and I'm not sure why), but since I had never had a blondie before, ever, I had to try them immediately. 

I made two changes, I used seedless blackberry jam, and I used protein powder instead of flour (its only two tablespoons, it doesn't make a big difference).  

She says they serve 8, but mine wanted to be cut into 12.  
Serves 12
Nutrition Information:  157.4 Calories;  4.2g Total Fat;  0.5g Saturated Fat;  0.0mg Cholesterol;  25.3g Carbohydrates;  2.9g Fiber;  4.7g Protein 

 Its the kind of day where you have more than one dessert (because I said so), so I made some Pumpkin & Banana Protein Ice Cream.  

Protein powder, frozen pumpkin, frozen bananas, coconut oil, pumpkin pie spice, some carob chips and soymilk.  Pretty similar to my usual method, except I used way more frozen fruit/pumpkin this time, so I used more soymilk.  This was way more than I was anticipating, and was pretty filling too.  It should be, oil, protein, fruit, whew. 

More food love tomorrow (or the next day, or whenever I get another free hour)!


  1. I've been seeing all these bloggers with March birthdays the past few days (I'm a March baby, too!)... I think there are a lot of us out there ... way to go, us! ; )

  2. Gina, what day is your birthday? Do I have to stalk you to find out?

    Guess we were both thinking of a green veggie filled breakfast this morning. :)

    Oh my gosh, your ice-cream looks straight up like it came from Baskin Robbins. I gotta try freezing my pumpking FIRST.

    Hope you get to go back to school tomorrow, but I'm glad you enjoyed your day off my friend.

  3. first, i WISH i could eat brocc because your bfast looks a-m-azing... and pumpkin icecream? what a GREAT idea. I made banana tofu icecream last night~!

  4. I certainly hope you're right about March- These past couple of months have been less than wonderful.

    But oh, those blondies are so intriguing! I want to try them soon, too.

  5. haha miss u know how many pisces i know?

    well miss sunshine...when IS YOUR BIRTHDAY???

  6. yayyy for birthday and yay for hubby coming home!! what a great month march will be :) i love it too.

    do you teach chemistry? I don't know why I think you teach chemistry, I may have just made that up. but if you do, POWER TO YOU girl! i would be the most horrific teacher (EVER), such an admirable job.

    happy march!

  7. Horray for Birthdays!!!

    Oh gosh, that chickpea blondie has been on my to-make list ever since she posted...I can't wait to make them!

  8. your pumpkin ice cream looks great!

    I'm so jealous that you get to go to hawaii!!

  9. your breakfast looks awesome & so does the pumpkin ice cream.

    ad;flj i hate that this month started out with snow instead of sunshine.

  10. It's nice you still get excited about your birthday, but I don't blame you with all the travel you have planned!

    I'm anxious to try the chickpea brownies - yours look great.

  11. I'll try and remember to stalk you for your birthday ;)

    Mmmmm I love that ice cream! And I want some of that buttertoffee stevia!!!!!!!!!!

  12. March does sound like a terrific month! I was really excited to read your post because my birthday is in march, I live near DC and just yesterday we were talking about going to hawaii!!

  13. actually the brand I got tastes amazing!!!! Its vanilla flavored so its got a hint of taste to it (I think its sweetened with Agave) its called Manatoba (or Manatova... cant remember!) Harvest... vanilla hemp protein powder....try it out!

    that ice cream sounds good to me!!! WOW

  14. First, black bean brownies can also be made with a can of pumpkin instead of a can of black beans and either way it's awesome. Second, and this may be a silly question, but how do you handle your frozen bananas and frozen pumpkin? I have thrown bananas in the freezer, but they are difficult to peel frozen, so I've let them defrost some. Is that how you do it?

  15. My birthday is March 30th :)

    Megan, I do teach Chemistry.

    I'll have to look for that brand, hemp is so good for you, and I like it other forms, just not the protein powder so far.

    Lauren, I peel the bananas before I put them in the freezer! That way they also look nicer, instead of turning all black and icky looking. I just throw them into the processor like that, and I will break them into big chunks if possible.