Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cleanse Favorites

Spring Break is almost over.  Sad, because I had a ton of stuff to do and I didn't really do any of it.  I did relax though, and I do feel a lot better, and I did finish Breaking Dawn (in less than 3 days, pathetic).  I really liked it.  My mom came in and asked me if it was as weird as she had heard.  Seriously?  Its a book about vampires, it wasn't any weirder than I expected.  I know there was a lot of fuss about it, and that a lot of people didn't like it, and I can't see why, except that they were upset it was over!  Joanna and one of my students both told me I would like it though, so I'm glad I got around to reading it.    

The cleanse is almost over too.  It has gone really well, but I think what I got out of it the most was how much planning the week helped.  So I sat down and planned out all of next week.  This doesn't really make for exciting blogging, but I am going to be so ridiculously busy this week that it would have been either this, or go back to eating like crap.  I chose planning.  

Why is my week going to be so busy?  Glad you asked.  First, my husband is coming home on Monday.  Not like, he's coming to visit, he is coming HOME.  Here.  Done with active duty Army.  Finished.  Holy crap.  So after school on Monday I go to pick him up (2 hour drive from school).  Oh right, school.  I take over all the Physical Science classes on Monday, doing a Biology review for their state exam (I hate Biology).  Tuesday I'm being observed by my clinical supervisor.  Wednesday I have a meeting right after school with one of my professors about my research project.  I have started said research project, even have the data, but still have not compiled it, which is what she is looking for.  Thursday I have my Capstone Project due for my student teaching, which I have actually started, but still have a ton of work to do on it.  Friday might be okay, except I'm jumping in the car after school and driving down to Baltimore to spend the weekend with my husband and my inlaws.  My dad has business in Baltimore next week, so he is going to drive my husband down with him on Wednesday, because, as you can see, I don't really have time for him (that's terrible, right?).  Whew.  

After this week, things should calm down a little bit.  Its really almost at the end.  I'm almost done student teaching, I'm almost done with grad school, I get to move out (again) soon.  Its all good, I just need to get through this week.  Good thing I planned my meals.  

Okay, so wrapping up my food during this cleanse, I want to share two things.  First, another dish was was originally raw that I de-rawified.  This Cauliflower Curry was on GoneRaw, and sounded awesome.  A curry sauce made with avocado, coconut, flax, etc.  Lots of healthy fats.  The problem?  The idea of raw cauliflower seemed icky.  I know they don't taste the same, but when I think of cauliflower, I think of broccoli, and I hate raw broccoli.  So....I cooked it!  

So this is steamed fresh cauliflower and steamed frozen peas, with a raw curry sauce.  This was really good, nice and spicy but not overwhelming, and I highly recommend it.  I did only put in half the cayenne, and then added about 1 tbsp of agave nectar because something was a little off at first (I think it was too much tumeric).  This was easily my most favorite meal I made this week.

Of course, I had a favorite dessert too.  Technically, um, I wasn't supposed to "snack", but I did anyway.  
This Melon-Berry Sorbet was so easy.  So very easy.  It is a bag of a frozen, organic, melon-berry blend (canteloupe, honeydew, pineapple, and blackberries).  I took out the blackberries, and mixed the melon and pineapple in the food processor with a tbsp of liquid coconut oil and some water until it was pretty smooth.  Then I added the blackberries and pulsed until they were slightly broken up.  Yum.  This made a lot.  You could easily have it be two servings.  In fact, I made it to be two servings, but I ate them both.

I hope that everyone enjoys the rest of the holidays, whatever it is that you're celebrating.  We have Easter Saturday  today at my grandmother's (we thought this was an Italian thing until about two years ago...turns out she made it up!), and Easter Sunday at my aunt's tomorrow.  Easter is my favorite holiday.  Spring is also my favorite season, I was always that loser in school who didn't say summer was her favorite season.  Anyway, I love that its starting to get warm, and I love all the cute things:  bunnies, chicks, all baby animals, etc.  What I like the most though, is that it is such a low-key holiday.  There's no pressure, there's no fuss.  Its just relaxing.  

Nice way to end my Spring Break, right?  


  1. YAY Mrs Gorgeous is gonna be reunited with Mr Gorgeous! woot woot!

    How excited are ya babe???!!!!

    Wow you def have a packed week ahead of ya...don't forget to breathe!

    ps:low key hols are my kinda hols too!

  2. Both dishes pictured here sound so healthy and invigorating/refreshing, I must try something similar!

  3. sorry that spring break is over. your cauliflower curry sounds awesome! i've never put avocado in my curry sauce. you sound ridiculously busy, but it must be super exciting that your hubs is coming back. have fun!!

  4. Happy Easter and enjoy the time with the fam!

  5. Yay for the Mr returning home!!! And haha, don't worry, I was always the loser (and still am) who says winter is her favourite season, closely followed by Autumn (rain, gorgeous rain!!).

    Good luck with the week ahead and enjoy your Easter time with your family :)

  6. aww thats great to hear that the hubby is coming home!
    sorry that spring is almost done for you, but you sound like you had a great time!

    fabulous eats :)

  7. Great eats... Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Your dessert looks delicious!

    Your blog makes me hungry. -_-

    Wow, he's going to be home for good! I can imagine how excited you must be. :D

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  9. We, at, found your dessert looks more than delicious. We are look forward to taste them. Let us know when we can do it. Have a wonderful day everyday,

  10. Wow Gina...just reading about your upcoming week wore me out, but so glad your husband is coming home. Good news!

    Ha - I always de-rawify everything and I HATE raw broccoli too. Blech!

    Your sorbet looked and sounded delicious, and I truly believe that all raw ice-cream type recipes are wrong about their yields. In my world, 4 servings = 1. :)

    Hope you're enjoying your favorite holiday Gina! Best of luck this week.

  11. YAY that you're husband is coming home!!! : )

  12. That's quite a week ahead of you! I'm glad you enjoyed a relaxing break and Easter. And you're sweetie is coming home - YAY!!!!!

  13. I can't even imagine how excited you must be about your husband coming home tomorrow!!

    What a busy week! Hopefully it will go by fast so you can enjoy your husband and the in laws.

    I'm loving your cauliflower dish AND the sorbet looks so good I want to lick my computer screen!

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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  15. Ooh, how exciting that your husband is coming home! Congrats!!!

    And I love the idea of de-rawifying. I've de-rawified some leftovers from raw day for the following days lunch — when I just couldn't handle the idea of eating another thing uncooked.

    I also love baby animals and therefore, spring is also my favorite holiday.

  16. Yay on your husband coming back. Oh the joys of being a graduate student. It robs you of all the pleasures of life.

    Good luck with the stuff to be achieved this week!

  17. Raw cauliflower is much better than raw broccoli, believe me :)
    But cooked cauliflower is great too, I agree. And curry is always great.
    Yay for your husband coming home.

  18. yay for your hubby coming home!!!!

    you and I are total opposites! chemistry is the devil, but i LOOOOOOOVE biology!!! :) yay science.

  19. Wow, hooray that your partner is coming home! Good luck dealing with all of the busyness that is coming your way!

  20. mmm...that berry sorbet looks AMAZING. will have to try making it!

    i found your blog through bittersweet and saw that you were looking/lusting for a vitamix :)

    in case you do end up ordering one, here's a coupon code to get free shipping ($25 US, $35 Cdn):

    Please pass it on! :)

  21. i wish we could switch places. i LOOOVE biology, hate hate hate chem.

    the cauliflower looks fab!