Sunday, January 4, 2009

Where's My Rainbow?

A word of warning, my internet is sucking, so I apologize in advance for the brief post, and possible lack of posting this week.  My dad seems to think there is some sort of virus on the computer that is hosting the network so, we'll see what happens.  

Yes, I am stealing my neighbor's internet right now (shhh, don't tell them).  

Anyway, today is about breakfast.  I happen to love breakfast.  In high school, I often skipped it or had something lame like a Nutri-Grain bar, but now  I would never ever miss it.  In fact, I usually love what I make for breakfast so much that I will make the exact same thing for days, or even weeks.  You may remember my Cranberry Quinoa...from a month ago.  I've had that at least 5 days a week since I made that post.  

Anyway, I decided I was in the mood for something new.  Sort of.  I still had the quinoa, and I still had the tempeh, but instead it was a Apple Pie Quinoa and Tempeh Bacon Hash.  

Both were super yummy.  I made it again today, but sadly, I also ran out of my flax tempeh today, which...I have been spoiled with and don't really like normal tempeh now *sigh*.  

The Apple Pie Quinoa is 1/4 cup of apple juice or apple cider, 2/3 cup cooked quinoa, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp nutmeg.  Bring the apple juice/cider to a boil, add the apples, sautee until soft, then add the spices and the quinoa, which will soak up the rest of the juice.  
Nutrition Information:  230.6 Calories;  3.0g Total Fat;  0.1g Saturated Fat;  0.0mg Cholesterol;  47.5g Carbohydrates;  6.7g Fiber;  5.5g Protein

I never get tempeh bacon right, but I was craving the flavor, so I just crumbled it up hash-style, and made it like that.  I let it marinate while the apples were cooking in 1-2 tbsp water, 1 tsp ketchup, a few shakes of liquid smoke (1/4 tsp maybe), 1.5 tsp Bragg's (or soy sauce if you like), 1 tsp agave nectar.  Then just sautee it in a pan until it is cooked through.   
Nutrition Information:  131.0 Calories;  6.2g Total Fat;  1.3g Saturated Fat;  o.omg Cholesterol;  11.0g Carbohydrates;  10.0g Fiber;  10.6g Protein 

Now, I probably won't be making this exact breakfast again, because as the title of the post wasn't exactly colorful.  I had to get my rainbow from the plate!  But it was totally yummy, and both pieces were definitely worth having again...just maybe with either a colorful addition or with a different meal companion.

Just for fun, the nutrition information for the entire meal is:  
Nutrition Information:  354.9 Calories;  9.2g Total Fat;  1.3g Saturated Fat;  0.0mg Cholesterol;  56.8g Carbohydrates;  16.8g Fiber;  16.2g Protein
By the way, I realize that no vegan meals have cholesterol...I just really like putting 0.0mg Cholesterol, it makes me happy!

I also wanted to post a short workout update.  I still have 2 more weeks of the program that I am doing, and I have a plan for what I will be doing next, but I am so excited that I don't have classes most nights anymore because now I can go to yoga more than once a week!  I still have class on Monday's, which is a yoga night at my gym, but supposedly it won't meet every week.  I can tell that I have been getting better at it, but I feel like I won't REALLY get any better if I am only going once a week.  Plus, I love it.  I have my strengths and weaknesses, I am pretty flexible, I have good balance, but my hips are incredibly tight.  Like, my basic pigeon needs some serious help, but then I can balance with a half lotus, wrap my arm around my back and grab my toe.  

I also think I'm going to start doing a raw day once a week.  I returned something and got Ani's Raw Food Kitchen, but was almost going to exchange it again, but those raw desserts totally lured me in.  I think some of the stuff you can do with raw food is just  So I want to make some of it!  

Also, I want to give a little shout out to my bestest friend, Jackie, who just told me she is thinking of being vegetarian (and at the very least, eating better and expanding her diet), and I thought maybe you all could post some words of encouragement for her!

I hope that all of you out there in the blogosphere/internetland had a great weekend!  


  1. Mmm, I will try that apple pie quinoa...I bet it would be delish with millet as well!

    Love Ani's book! The desserts are spectacular looking =)

  2. Apple pie quinoa? What a great idea! I'm always looking for more excuses to cook up a big pot of quinoa. :)

  3. You breakfast sounds delish!

    Kudos to interesting your friend Jackie into checking out veg*anism. With your awesome recipes, she'll be well on her way!

  4. the quinoa apple pie seems so good!

  5. Go Jackie - you can do it! Gina will help. :)

    Despite its lack of color, that breakfast sounds amazing! Love quinoa...and so excited you'll be doing more yoga. I really enjoyed this last week filled with Down Dogs and Chaturangas. I'm hoping to find a good class here in Nashville and stick with it.

  6. Hi! thanks for coming by my blog! i love hearing from others who were similar to me and have gotten to their goal weight. congrats on that!! =)

    apple pie quinoa!?! wow, so unique!! i would eat it though :)

    and jackie, if you're reading this, GREAT JOB on your decision to eat better :D i'm sure its something you won't regret =)

  7. hope your comp prob goes away soon. had malfunctions couple of weeks ago too. such a pain.

    ur quinoa n tempeh hash looks divine! me wants a bite! u r so creative.

    anyway...tofu sheets can be bought in chinatown if u happen to be in the area. they look like large sticks or large sheets of paper. good luck:)

  8. i'm reading ani's raw food kitchen right now and i love it!! i made her coconut pancakes about a month ago and they were fantastic. i want to order some of her smartmonkey foods.

    i love tempeh bacon!! it's so good. i think it tastes a lot better than real bacon. i eat it uncooked sometimes, but it does taste really good warmed up on the skillet.

    jackie, i hope gina makes you lots of her delicious food!!! good luck with your veggie journey :)

  9. Ani's raw is a good raw book, she isn't super heavy on special equipment (like a dehydrator). So far what I've tried has been tasty. The only thing I'm not keen on is creamy soups. Oh and I cut back on some of the oil in her recipes because I'm not super workouty, only moderately, so the extra calories are just excessive.