Sunday, January 25, 2009

Vegan in the Cities

I had a kind of interesting weekend.  Mainly because I spent over 15 hours of it traveling.  I think what made it so interesting is that I am still feeling quite sane. 

Yesterday started pretty great.  Since I am somewhat used to getting up early now, I was up at 7, and decided to make something fun for breakfast before yoga.  

Waffles!  Chocolate Cherry White Chocolate Chip Protein Waffles, to be exact.  I know you're all saying "recipe, please?" (maybe not, but I'm pretending you are), but I have some things I want to change.  They're based off of the Brownie Waffle recipe from Veganomicon, and they're good, but they are not quite deserving of recipe sharing yet.  They will make a great portable breakfast this week though.  

After yoga, I went down to Brooklyn to have dinner with some friends.  It is only about an hour train ride to the city.  But the train that comes closest to my house runs pretty infrequently on the weekends, so I drive down to Jersey.  That is about a half hour.  Then the train itself takes about an hour and a half, counting the waiting and switching trains once.  Then, walking to the subway station, waiting for the subway, and getting to his house...another hour, easy.  I know that doesn't add up exactly to 3 and a half hours, but that was how long it took.  

Whenever I go to see this particular friend, we get Thai food.  It is my most favorite type of food.  Who doesn't love a good Thai curry?  So, first we went to Trader Joe's because I had to get a gift certificate, and then we found a little Thai place that ended up being awesome.  It was called Cafe Chili.  I didn't get any pictures, but I had the Vegetable Spring Rolls and Panang Curry.  One of our friends, who was also down this weekend, studied abroad and then lived in Thailand for quite awhile, and he was telling me how he had actually been to Panang.  I googled it, and I think he meant Penang, but close enough, right?  My husband studied abroad in Thailand too, so I've heard more than I really want to hear about the place.  Anyway, my curry was fantastic.  I have Thai food rarely, so its okay that it is one of the only time I am a member of the Perfectly Spotlessly Clean Plate Club.  I never eat white rice, but as soon as I have a bowl of curry sauce in front of me, I am using it to sop all that up.  So delicious.    

After that, we hung out for a little, and then I made the trek back to my house.  It would be so much faster to drive, but I'd much rather chill out with my music then stress about driving in the city.  Normally, a day like this would irritate me so much, but the playlist the iTunes Genius created was so awesome, that I was completely relaxed and happy the whole time.  

This is a small sampling of said playlist, which is 100 songs based off of 'I Believe in Symmetry' by Bright Eyes:
'Hooray' - Minus the Bear
'Sundress' - Ben Kweller
'People as Places as People' - Modest Mouse
'Yankee Bayonet' - The Decemberists
'Act appalled I' - Circa Survive
'Pink Bullets' - The Shins
'Across the Sea' - Weezer
'I'm Ready, I Am' - The Format
'The Same Boy You've Always Known' - The White Stripes
'Cashmir Pulaski Day' - Sufjan Stevens
'Ask Me Antyhing' - The Strokes
'My Mind' - Portugal.  The Man
'Play Crack the Sky' - Brand New
'Time' - Ben Folds
'Still Take You Home' - The Arctic Monkeys
'Come on Home' - Franz Ferdinand

Those songs are some of my favorites.  If you're curious, or just want some new music, leave me a comment, or send me an email (its in my profile), and I'll send you a CD!

I wanted to post this all yesterday, but I was up against this:  

Sorry Mommy, I'm using the computer right now

Moving on, today I went up to Boston with my family to see my brother and his wife, for her birthday.  After yesterday, I actually went home and bought the new(ish) Format CD, B-sides and Rarities, which is both a bunch of new songs that weren't previously released, and some demo versions of older songs.  If you aren't aware, The Format is longer together, which is very sad.  So, I've been listening to that, Ben Folds, Flight of the Conchords, and Ben Kweller.  Loveliness! 

Now, I mentioned above that Thai food is my favorite, but I rarely get to have it (I don't exactly live in a cosmopolitan area), so imagine my surprise when my not-so-adventurous mom agreed to my brother's suggestion to get Thai!  Twice in one weekend!  Plus, I'm sure I'll be having it in Hawaii this weekend too.  

I don't remember the name of this place, but it wasn't as good...but I also didn't get what I normally get...because I had it the day before!  

For an appetizer here, we had the Vegetable Triangles, which was actually curried potatoes in peas in little fried wrappers.  Pretty yummy!  

My main dish was pretty healthy, steamed veggies with tofu and peanut sauce on the side.  I didn't want to go crazy after having all that curry and rice the day before.  It was good, and the peanut sauce kept getting better as I kept eating it.

After that...oh after that.  We went to the Amsterdam Cafe for frozen yogurt.  They had chocolate and vanilla yogurt, as well as sugar free vanilla, and dairy free vanilla.  They called it "tofu frozen yogurt"...geez, way to turn people off.  Anyway, they had a list of about 30 possible mix ins.  As would be expected, this took me quite awhile.  Minty?  Cookies?  Candy?  Fruit?  Nuts?  Oh my goodness, too many decisions!  I ended up getting the dairy free vanilla with peaches and coconut.  

This was so good.  I almost wanted to move to Boston for it (they even deliver!!)....then we walked outside again and I changed my mind, haha.  It was COLD.  

Now I am back home and it is nice and warm.  

I hope everyone had fabulous weekends!  I am getting all geared up for Hawaii this coming weekend, and I am mucho excited.  We're staying on the North Shore, at Turtle Bay (in case you wanted to stalk me), which...normally I would rather stay in Waikiki or a B&B on the East Side, but my husband wanted to stay there, and now that I've seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall a bunch of times, I really want to go!  I am so looking forward to going back, I totally miss it.  

I also start classes this week, which I am not looking forward to.  My thesis class is going to be a crazy amount of work.  I can bring my computer to class though, haha, so it'll probably give me some time to catch up on blogs and other internet things, actually!  For a teacher, I'm not a very good student.   

Oh, and I wanted to set a goal for myself for this week.  I've gotten the sleep schedule under control, I've got the feeding schedule under control too.  But I definitely have not been drinking enough water.  So, my goal for this week is 4 liters a day.

Let the week begin!  


  1. woo hoo you have amazing taste in music! i love the shins, no matter how much i listen to them i never get tired of them. caring is creepy has been my favorite song for like the last 4 years.

  2. Sorry but whatever else you said in this post I have no idea how to respond because I'm too busy drooling over those waffles. Give the recipe soon!!!

  3. Love your music. You need to come to Nashville! I saw Jack White not to long ago at one of my favorite Sunday brunch spots. He just walked right by me as I tried not to stare...and I know you love Mr. Folds. Everyone thinks Nashville is all country music, but a lot of other types come here to record. I would love love love a CD whenever you get a chance to make me on. :)

    Peanut sauce is one of my favorites. I make my own with almond freaking good!

    Have a wonderful time in Hawaii in Gina!!!! Oh, and good luck with your thesis class and all the water drinking.

  4. I'm so glad you're going to get to go out to Hawaii!!! Yay! Next time you're in Boston and have time we need to meet up! There's a great Thai place by me and I also know of some great Vegan/Vegetarian food in Boston :-)

  5. ALso my favorite food is thai, so spicy :) those waffles look great, thanks for your tips , I'll try to find the book (ur cat is soo cute)

  6. I LOVE panang curry. I order it every time I get Thai. Yum. Also, when I go to Asia in April, I'm stopping in Penang. Random.

    Those waffles look delicious. When you feel their worthy of recipe sharing, you must do so!

    That frozen yogurt looks delicious! Especially with the combination you chose!

  7. The Format...that takes me back. Been years since I listened to them. They're from my hometown...loved it when they referred to the 51. My old stompin' grounds. Anyway, I had no clue they broke up. Guess that's why I haven't heard any new stuff lately :)

  8. Sounds like you had a fun weekend with great food!! That dairy free vanilla with peaches and coconut looks the best! yum!

    Good luck with your water drinking this week (I really should do the same!)

  9. Those waffles looks soooo good. Hopefully the recipe will soon follow(hint). I love love love Thai food. I had the best Blazing Thai Noodles this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii and that hubby is well. If you do happen to be in a CD making mood I'd totally take one.

  10. What an awesome use of your white chocolate chips!! I still have some left so I may save them for your recipe.

    And I'd move to Boston for the fro-yo too! Except I'm pretty sure it's cold up there.

  11. Thanks Alaina, the Shins are pretty awesome :)

    Heather, it definitely sounds like I need to come to Nashville. I would probably just be stalking Ben the whole time though, haha.

    Rebekah, I have actually never made it up to Boston for more than a day since I went with my husband for Spring Break in college (coldest spring break ever). I kind of want to go for the weekend so I can get some more frozen soy yogurt!!

    Larissa, I hope you can find the book! If you can't, let me know, I'll send it to you!

    Ashley, how cool! I know my friend talked about it, but I kind of tune him out, haha. I'm so jealous and can't wait to hear all about your trip!!

    Joanie, that is so cool! The lead singer has actually started another band called Fun. I love his voice. Also, I had no idea you were right in New York, how cool!

    Thanks Lesley! The water drinking went *pretty* well yesterday and today. I used to drink way more, I don't know why it has been so hard lately.

    Meandthebean, Blazing Noodles sounds sooo good. YUM. I can't wait to get more Thai this weekend, haha.

    Haha, Bianca, that is exactly why I said I was thinking that until I went ouside. Omfg it was so cold. I don't even want to stay in NY because it is too cold for me!!

    Shelby, and everyone else who commented, I will work on the waffles. Unfortunately I made a full batch..which is 16 waffles. Plus I won't be around this weekend. So its going to be awhile, but it WILL happen!

  12. that frozen yogurt looks so darn good!! there's no places around here that sells dairy free anything. it's bull crap.

    i keep getting more jealous every time i hear you mention hawaii!! haha what plans do you have while you're there?

    i'd die to get a cd from you, gina!! my computer crashed and it had my itunes library on it. all my music is gone. i just bought the twilight soundtack on cd, but i dropped my cd player today and the cd cracked in half. of course haha

  13. we should all eat chocolate for breakfast more often

  14. If you try the almond cheese you'll have to let me know what you think ... I don't think you'll be disappointed ; )

  15. All of the food you posted looks super delicious. I am looking forward to trying the waffle recipe when you've changed the things you want to change.

    Also, the kitty hogging the computer is super cute!

  16. Yum yum! Thai two times in one weekend sounds perfect! And you're such a good girl getting steamed veggies instead of rice the second time around...I'm not sure I have that kind of control. ;)

    My husband is from upstate NY, and I pretty much told him that we will NOT be living in the-chilly-tundra-that-is-the-northeast-in-winter anytime soon!

    Oh yeah--I'm want to join the bandwagon of "if you're making copies of your CD I'd definitely dig one!" That playlist sounds great!

  17. Aww, cutest computer hog ever!

    Your waffles look absolutely perfect, so thick and yummy!

    The vanilla with peaches and coconut dessert is torturing me! Perhaps I should stop licking the monitor - it does not taste good.

    Good luck with all the water drinking!

  18. shoo kitty shoo...hehehe

    You have to try Pukk over on E4th/5th & 1st Ave.

    hahaha 'The Strokes' I had the biggest crush on Julian until he got married to a Juliet. Tragic.

    Awww you're so sweet to want to send ppl cds. It's so rare to find generous ppl like you and a music lover;)

  19. Wow, I live in Boston and have never heard of Amsterdam Cafe - I need to get out more!!

    The next time you're in Boston and in the mood for a frozen treat, you should check out Wheeler's. They are an all vegan ice cream shop. Greatest thing ever.