Thursday, January 22, 2009

Portable Food

Sorry I skipped a post yesterday.  I have just been..tired.  But it is getting better!  I can tell, I'm not as exhausted when the school day is over, but I'm still yawning during class...oops.  At least I'm not teaching yet, and yawning in front of the kids.  

I don't have a lot of time to plan breakfast and lunch, so I have been making something that I can eat for a few days.  Also, I don't really like to eat in front of other people when they aren't eating, so I've been eating in the car.  Yes, 
I know this is kind of strange, but it works out.  

For breakfast I have been having these Breakfast Cookies.  They're kind of bastardized version of Ani's breakfast cakes, but I think I have changed them enough that the recipe is postable.  I really like these.  They have a lot of protein, healthy fat, and complex carbs.  Plus, they don't need to be cooked, and they stay together really well.  You can actually pick them up and eat them like a cookie.  

Okay, I realize this picture looks lame, but I promise, they're good.  

Protein Breakfast Cookies
1 cup protein powder of choice (my choice)
1 cup rolled oats
1 cup ground flax seeds
2 tbsp coconut oil
6 tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp molasses
3/4-1 tsp salt
4 tbsp water

Melt the coconut oil, and throw everything into a bowl, mix it well.  Form into 8 cookies, 2 cookies per serving.

Serves 4
Nutrition Information:  445.5 Calories;  18.1g Total Fat;  6.3g Saturated Fat;  0.0mg Cholesterol;  51.2g Carbohydrates;  11.0g Fiber;  26.3g Protein

I've been just having a snack while I'm at school; some kind o
f bar, and fruit (apple and bananas).  I found two new bars at Nature's Pantry (it is right by school!).  First is Ruth's Hemp Power in Peanut Butter Banana.  

This was 190 calories and 7g of protein.  It was okay.  They had a few other flavors though, and they were good enough to try the other flavors.  

Today I had this GoRaw bar.  You can see the ingredients pretty clearly on the front...I had the pumpkin variety.    
I am very sad that they don't have more varieties of this at my store, as it is one of the best bars I have tried in a long time that can really hold its own as a meal replacement.  There is about 275 calories and 14g of protein.  I think what sets this apart from most other raw bars, is that it has been dehydrated.  I'm actually considering buying some online, I am a fan.  

On my way home, I have what you would probably call lunch?  I don't know, its just a meal, I guess.  Anyway, I made the Mini Tofu Quiche from Fat Free Vegan.  I have made these before, and I love them.  Plus, you can pick them up and eat them with your hands on the way home.  

The vegetables in these are roasted asparagus and portabello mushrooms, and sun dried tomatoes.  I also use regular silken tofu instead of lite.  They're really good, I highly recommend them.  

Serves 3:
Nutrition Information:  163.9 Calories, 4.6g Total Fat;  0.4g Saturated Fat;  0.0mg Cholesterol;  17.1g Carbohydrates;  4.5g Fiber; 19.1g Protein.  

Additionally, I just want to sing the praises of dates.  They're fantastic.  Also, they're really great to have right before the gym, they give a great energy boost.  I normally can only find them pitted, but my grocery store had fresh dates, which I had never had, and had to try, even though I have tons of dates in the pantry.  These are so fantastic.  They're really easy to pit too, which I was nervous about.  YUM.  That's all I wanted to say.  

Dates are awesome

I have a bunch of good news, but I am going to post it tomorrow!!  Hah, you will have to wait.  

Hopefully everyone is excellent.  I have been trying to keep up with everyone's blogs, but if I slack a teeny bit, please know that I am still reading, and just not commenting as much.  I love you all, I promise!!  


  1. Dates ARE awesome!
    Mmm, what a great version of the breakfast cakes.
    And I love the mini-quiches, they are so delicious and so cute =)

  2. Do you think they'd be ok without the coconut oil? I'm not much of a coconut fan.

    Oh man, leaving us hanging about your good news! Grrr. ;)

  3. omgz me too at slower replies. things are so crazed lately....remember just a few weeks ago we were just a little less crazed. but now it's like so over blown!

    hope today eases up on ya!

    good one hun!

  4. The breakfast cookies sound good! And I *love* that they are portable; I've been eating breakfast more and more at work. Do you think flaxseed meal would work instead of seeds?

  5. Can't wait for all the good news. Why torture us so Gina?!?

    Those cookies - must make some. I have so much protein powder. That would be a great way to use some of it. Thanks for the recipe.

    Medjool dates are the best. So much better than the pitted ones. I like to take the pit out and fill in the gap with a big pecan, brazil nut, or scoop of nut butter. Makes for a heavenly dessert!

  6. Dates are amazing! I didn't know anything about them until I started doing my monthly raw days. I love the idea of a healthy raw breakfast cookie!!!

  7. yay, so glad you like those go raw bars! i ordered them online (got the sampler) and it's quite worth it to be able to have them around whenever you want them!

    love the protein b-fast cookies by the way. yummm.

  8. Claudia, I'm sure you could another oil...sunflower, apricot, walnut, or even just canola oil would probably work, just not olive oil!!

    vegwife, the recipe uses ground flax seeds, so yes the meal would work perfect!

    Heather, I like to put an almond in them...I never would have thought of a nut butter though, sounds awesome!

    Shelby, Larissa, Denny, Bianca, Megan, thanks for stopping by! Much <3

  9. Your breakfast cookies look amazing!!!

  10. I wish I could grab one of those cookies out of the computer screen right now and eat it! haha.

    I really like Ani's recipes. I've only looked at the ones on her website and I've tried a few and love them!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Oh yes, I don't really like eating in front of other people when they aren't eating either.

    The tofu quiche looks SO super yummy! I must make it!

  12. girl, i love dates, too!! so much, that i hardly keep them in the house. i get really hungry when they're around, even if i've just eaten a full meal.

    that goraw bar looks really good. i've been such a boob with food lately. i need to go buy some fun bars. i'm sick of making my own.

    this is totally off topic from your post, but i have a "new moon" question. i haven't been able to decide why the new moon cover has a flower on it. do you think it's because bella has a floral scent to her??? i've asked a few other twilight saga obsessed friends, but they aren't sure. any ideas?

  13. I haven't liked the really raw taste of other raw bars, so it's nice to see these that have been dehydrated.