Thursday, January 8, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner

I don't know what the weather is like by you, but it has been cold and icy here.  Good thing he's a snowman, or he'd be in bad shape.  

I really hate driving in bad weather, which is part of the reason why my husband and I are looking to move a little further south, and also hopefully to a city, so we just have to drive less altogether.  Regardless, being cooped up inside all day yesterday has left me still feeling a little defeated today.  I did go to see Slumdog Millionaire with my mom, although that just made me feel like even more of a loser because I messed up my gym schedule and went afterwards instead.  That movie is fabulous, in case anyone was wondering.  

So I went into dinner tonight feeling like I'd already lost.  Well, I don't know how you could actually lose at dinner, but I just didn't feel like being creative.  I was going through my blog updates, and up popped a vegan omelet recipe from Sweet Beet and Green Bean, using all ingredients I already had.  How perfect.  Breakfast for dinner is served.  

The recipe called for dill, but I definitely did not have any fresh dill.  What I did have, that looks kind of like dill (work with me here, okay?), was fennel!  So I put some fennel fronds in it and on top of it.    

This recipe was totally delicious, although there are a few things I would change about it.  First off, its too big for me.  Second, too much oil.  As it was, I only used 1 tbsp the first time, and I thought it was unnecessary.  I also used roasted asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, and added some sauteed garlic.   

Pre-folding it over


This really was tasty though, it had a nice fluffiness to it!  I will probably be trying it again with different proportions and no oil in the batter.  It was the perfect amount of calories for dinner, really, but I like to have something else.  I don't know if that makes sense, but I like to have more than one thing on my plate, haha.

Serves 1
Nutrition Information:  453.5 Calories;  22.9g Total Fat;  2.7g Saturated Fat;  0.0mg Cholesterol;  45.0g Carbohydrates;  9.3g Fiber;  23.6g Protein.  

Anyone else ever get frustrated when going out to eat?  I don't live in a very veg-friendly area, and my mom and I are going out to lunch tomorrow with some of her friends, and one of my friends (who is the daughter of one of my mom's friends).  We're going to a pizza place.  I guess I could order a pizza with no cheese, because I hate ordering (and paying for) a salad with barely anything on it.  They do at least have whole grain crust there.  I'm just still trying to avoid a lot of gluten.  

I had a great conversation with my yoga instructor after class tonight!  He was playing Ben Folds during class, which was actually kind of distracting to me because I wanted to sing!  But I was telling him how much I love Ben Folds after class, and he was telling me how his brother in law has met him, tuned his piano, etc.  Dear God I was so jealous, but that is so awesome.  

So, on that note, today's Cooking Song of the Day:  Jane Be Jane - Ben Folds Five

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  1. Holy YUM! That dinner looks so amazing. Boring food day? Yeah right.

    I'm the same way with food. I like to have more than one thing on my plate.

  2. Breakfast for dinner rocks! I still haven't tried a vegan omelet. Dill, fennel fronds, whatever...looks great!

  3. Ben Folds lives right up the street from me. If you're ever in Nashville, we can go stalk him. :)

    I love b'fast for dinner, but I'm like you. I can't just eat one thing for dinner - I need courses, or at least some side dishes.

    Have a good night Gina.

  4. mm love asparagus, but here is very difficult to get fresh ones:(, yeah here in mexico almost all restaurants aren't veg friendly unless they are specifically vegetarian...and vegan...none

  5. that looks delicious!

    in the early morning fog here, I couldn't tell what the picture was, but my mind formed a chicken leg in the center of the picture. "Wait, this can't be the right blog......" I thought....oh, snowman. rad!

  6. Haha, that's a great picture up top! The icicle coming from the snowman's nose absolutely makes the shot.

  7. Speaking of being frustrated when going out to eat, I just went to a catfish joint with my co-workers (it was the choice of someone whose last day on the job is today). I ate fries and grilled squash. They had beans and rice, but down here, everybody puts meat in beans and rice and I was scared to order it. Luckily, I snacked on some celery and peanut butter before we left for lunch. So I got full, but now I feel all french fry fat.

    With pizza joints, I typically order a veggie pizza with no cheese and it's pretty tasty.

  8. Looks delicious! I loved Slumdog by the way. :)

  9. Oh yum I love asparagus! I've wanted to see slumdog millionaire good to know it's as good as it looks

    Breakfast for dinner is totally wizard (yes i stole that from Juno!!) Yours looks fantastic, though I sometimes find myself being so lazy I grab a bowl of cereal, there's something so wroong about eating cereal for dinner that just makes it soo right! lol

    I've never actually heard of Ben Folds but I'm heading to myspace music right now to check out your song of the day!

  10. hey gina!! i am absolutely hating the snow here in pittsburgh. i have been a hermit and rarely leave the house because it's so darn cold. i'm up for moving to something where snow is unheard of!

    i know what you mean about going out to eat with people!! i hate ordering a $7 salad all the time and having it taste like cat food. it's no fun.

    on the other hand, i've noticed that ever since i became a vegan, my friends don't ask me to out that much anymore because it always involves restaurants. so you should just go and get something just to enjoy their company.

    there's just not enough vegan restaurants in this country, gina!!!