Saturday, June 27, 2009

Zero Calorie Sparkling Iced Green Tea

Everywhere I go now is so close that I rarely turn on the radio.  But it seems like every time I do I hear an ad for a new Lipton's product, Sparkling Green Tea.  Sounds yummy.  Especially now that it is really getting warmer here.  Of course I knew without even looking that one of the first ingredients would be sugar.  They proved me wrong though, its actually high fructose corn syrup.  My bad.  

So I set out to create my own.  Should be easy enough, right?  Well it is!  

2 green tea bags
1/2 cup water 
3/4-1 cup sparkling water
stevia to taste (liquid or powder, your preference)

1.  Heat the water until it just begins to bubble, not boil  Green tea shouldn't be steeped in water that is too hot or it cooks the leaves.  If it does start to boil, just let it cool a little before you add the tea bags.  
2.  Let both of the tea bags steep for a few minutes.  The taste will be rather strong, and the color will be fairly dark because it is pretty concentrated.  *Its important that you do this first for two reasons.  First, it will dissolve easier while the tea is warm.  Second, if you add the stevia after the sparkling water is added, it loses some of its fizz.*    
3.  Allow the tea to cool in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.  
4.  When chilled remove from fridge and add sparkling water (which should also be chilled, just in case that isn't obvious).
6.  Drink!  Enjoy!  Be refreshed!  

Serves 1-4.  Depends on how much tea you want (and you can have as much as you want because it has no calories!)  I used some tea I got as a favor at the wedding we went to a few weeks ago, from our friends who we met when we were in Hawaii.  

You can obviously do this with any kind of tea:  green, black, white, etc.  Also, if you don't like stevia you can use sugar or agave and it'll still be lower in calories than the Lipton stuff.  If you are nervous about trying stevia, I say now is the time to try it!  I've been using it for quite awhile, in liquid and powder form, and I personally prefer the powder (although they both have their uses).  For stevia, I like the NuNaturals brand.  

This has maltodextrin added which I think is what makes it so NOT bitter, and it also mixes really well.  They make a zero-carb version also, which has some erythritol added.  I've used erythritol before, and I never really gave a review about it.  I don't like it.  It is a sugar alcohol and it just has a grainy taste and doesn't dissolve well.  They both are calorie free, so I'm sticking with this one.  

My only real personal update is that I really have no update.  Nothing worth sharing has been coming out of my kitchen, whether prepared by me or from a recipe.  Sadly most things have flopped, or they were just boring everyday things.  My mom has requested that I write down a recipe for one of my rice recipes that she loves, so that is coming, as well as some scones I plan on making tonight.  Oh, and tomorrow is going to be a raw day, so come back for that!  

As far as running is going, its going.  I'm much slower than I used to be which is extremely frustrating, but I'm still getting up and going which is what is most important right now.  I'm going out again with my new running buddy tomorrow (who is a vegetarian!) for a long run (which right now is only 5 miles, haha).  I also had lunch with another vegan yesterday (vegan friends, yay!), so I'm not just sitting at home with Zoe.  

So, that is why its been awhile, but I have much planned, so be sure to come back this week!      


  1. Cool recipe! That flavor of tea sounds really delicious!

    I use that stevia brand too! Its the best! =)

  2. I've been trying to cut down on the soda by making sparkling teas just like this- Only I use mineral water for that little extra something. It really is a great idea!

  3. YAY for scones! Make some tea and enjoy! Have a great weekend girly!

  4. Is Stevia FDA approved? I've had it, but please explain why you like it so much...and why is it better than Splanda? Other than the fact that Splenda isn't "natural", what makes Stevia any more safe, really? I mean this in a serious, non-judgmental way, I'd like to know!!

  5. Gina, good question. I've been using it since before it was FDA approved, but it looks like it got approved in 2008.

    Here is a general statement about it

    And here is an interesting article about why

    I personally prefer stevia purely because it IS natural and Splenda is not. It comes from a plant, and I know its safeness, like any other sweetness is debatable, but I feel more comfortable using it, and actually prefer the taste. To me, Splenda can leave a taste or feeling in my mouth that I don't like, whereas I think the stevia feels cleaner. Some brands are better than others, which is why I made note of the one I like, because its the best I've tried so far!! All that being said though...I MAYBE use it once a week.

    I don't know if you'll come back to check this, so I'll shoot you an email too :)

    Shelby, it really is the best right? Hardly any taste besides just sweet.

    Hannah, I'm not a big soda person, but this just sounded so perfect! I'll have to get some mineral water next time.

    Katrina...I <3 scones!! Hopefully they'll be on here soon.

  6. I'm so glad to know I'm not alone :)

    And I don't think it's weird at all. There hit a point when my parents stop feeding us boxed crap, and I really wish they would have done it a little sooner. It developed my 'fat kid' taste buds early in life.

    It's so hot in Cali right now. I could use some of that tea!

  7. I bet my hubby would love that sparkling tea! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Also, hooray for vegetarian and vegan friends!! Extra bonus that one of them is a running pal!

  8. I wonder if I've never liked green tea because I was using boiling water?

  9. Your sparkling iced green tea sounds amazing! I refuse to drink anything like juice or canned drink because there is SO much sugar. I'm definitely going to have to try this!

    I forgot to tell you, but I became a vegetarian! I'm loving it. I have a few good recipes, but if you have any suggestions on vegetarian cookbooks, you'll have to let me know!

  10. Thanks for the info! i found where i can buy some here in Mexico! :D im definitely gonna try it :D