Monday, June 22, 2009

Sweet Harvest Muffins

A lot of things have changed since I started this blog.  My husband came back from Iraq, I moved, I completed my student teaching, I graduated.  All good stuff.  One not so good thing though, is that there is more of me.  

A little background, I've lost some weight in the past.  I grew up eating a pretty normal diet, but my mom was always good about getting low fat mayo, turkey burgers, diet soda, low fat cream cheese, etc.  Then I went to college and there was full fat butter, whole milk whipped cream, and those disgusting Minute Steak cheesesteaks that were full of fat but tasted delicious.  Oh yeah, and there was beer.  Obviously I wasn't vegan or vegetarian before college, or during college, but the quality of my diet was severely different and as such...I gained weight.  

By the end of my junior year I was about 30 pounds overweight.  I started watching what I ate (and drank), I started exercising, and I eventually lost the full 30 pounds, although I don't think the weight I was at was ever sustainable for me.  I didn't become vegetarian until after I lost the weight, and I didn't become vegan until after my weight sort of evened out. 

I'm very frustrated because while I know exactly how and why the weight has come back on (stress!!!), I'm disappointed with myself for letting it happen.  But what else can I do but fix it, right?  I signed up for a 5K, I found a running buddy (we're going tomorrow, we'll see how that goes), I have a training plan, and a nutrition plan.  I don't have a scale, so I don't necessarily have a number that I am looking for, but it'd be nice if my jeans would fit again without having to do the "stretch out the jeans" dance.

To start out on the right foot, I made some muffins last night.  I know, that doesn't *sound* like it is on the right foot, but if they're the Sweet Harvest muffins from Sweet Freedom, they can be.  You've had zucchini bread, and you've probably tried carrot cake or muffin.  But this muffins packs in three different vegetables as well as something a little fruity.  Plus there's a little chocolately hint of goodness.  I did halve the number of chocolate chips.    

Makes 12 Muffins
Nutrition Information:  214.4 Calories;  8.0g Total Fat;  0.9g Saturated Fat;  0.0mg Cholesterol;  36.7g Carbohydrates;  4.5g Fiber;  4.6g Protein

These are so nice and moist.  One of my favorite things about this book (of which you can buy the hard copy or the e-book, like I did), is her reminder that you can freeze everything!  I get tempted when yummy baked goodness is just lying around.  

For lunch I had some roasted beets, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted garlic, and scallions with a sweet mustard dressing.  Simply it was about 2tbsp Vegenaise, 2 tsp brown mustard, 1 packet stevia, and a few tsp of apple cider vinegar.  

There was tofu too, but not pictured

Hopefully this is a new leaf turning over.  Not just getting in better shape but generally having some stability, and hopefully a better 5K time.


  1. As a dietitian I can't help but make a comment here. Since you are vegan you are probably eating a lot of carbohydrates, right? Well, it's hard to loose wiight on a high carb diet. What do you eat for protein? Is it mainly carbohydrate foods? I can help you out here...give me a list of what you eat and we'll work it out, if you want :)

  2. Thanks Gina...I'm not necessarily looking for advice, although I appreciate it. I more or less know what I have to do. And what I have been eating isn't my normal diet. I've done a lot of weight lifting in the past, and I actually eat a ton of protein. Yeah, muffins aren't high in protein, which were featured in the post, but that is one of my post-yoga snacks...a time when I feel like a muffin is okay. Regardless, I'll send you an email, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

  3. I'm sorry about the food issues. I hope you get to a size that you are comfortable in! You are gorgeous either way though =)


  4. Hi there! Just a quick email to wish you much luck with your goals, and to say that I'm standing behind you :)

  5. good luck girl!!
    keep us posted!!
    those muffins look delic!!
    i love putting veggies in my baked goods!

  6. hey... i've had my weight ups and downs... when i went vegan i gained at least 15! i think it was b/c i was so excited to make new foods! :)

    you are sooo on the right track. a little exercise goes a long way. i just finished my second 5k last month, and i've very much noticed a difference. now, it's all about balance between eating what i love, and running through it the next day. :)

  7. I know what you mean about uni life--especially beer--leading to poundage. Luckily most vegan food is fairly conducive to losing weight, as long as we don't go overboard on the sweets :) I live by the art of freezing baked goods, so I don't eat them all in one weekend.

  8. You can do it! You WILL do it! Finding an exercise partner is a great start. Just remember not to obsess too much. Your body will tell you what it needs.
    Oh, and I freeze ALL of my baked goods. It's the best thing ever! I always have a goody bag! Right now it contains VeggieGirl Fig and Almond Blondies, Gluten Free, Vegan Fig Newtons, and gluten free blueberry scones!

  9. I came back from Thailand with 10 extra pounds that I had lost before I left. It's almost gone now thankfully, but doing the jean dance when I got home also included a bit of a meltdown.

    I have no doubt that you'll be back to where you want to be in no time!

  10. maintaining weight is hard. i was really struggling with that this year, totally fell of the wagon when it comes to exercise because of all the stress in my life, but i think the stress is also making me eat less so i have lost some weight recently. which is really unusual for me because stress usually makes me eat more! ps. i drove through sugarloaf on my way upstate this weekend and think i may have seen you walking along the road!

  11. Gina,

    Thanks, keep us posted. I just gained weight too, I had a death in my family...did not change my eating habits at all and BLEW up -- just read this:

    Something else to research! Thanks again for allowing us to share your world!

  12. Rock it out! Good luck with the 5K and we're all here to support ya :)

  13. sorry about your food issues :\ But congrats on signing up for a 5k!! your going to rock!

  14. Aw, I have faith you'll get back on track. Have you read Skinny Bitch? That helped me a ton. I was already vegan when I read it, and I didn't think I'd need to read a vegan book...but my best friend Sheridan pushed it on me, promising it would change my life.

    And as always, she was right. Even though I knew pretty much everything in the book (no white flour, no HFCS, no soda, no white sugar, watch the intake of unrefined sugars), I needed the tough talkin' to that book provides. Now, I re-read it every few months to keep myself on track.

    And I do allow myself some white flour and pasta when I eat out or at someone else's house, but that's it. None of that stuff in the house.

  15. Ah, yes, totally been there with the weight--just keep at it, eat healthy, and it will resolve itself. Your body will eventually settle on its right weight. :)

    So glad you liked the Sweet Harvest muffins! They are a favorite of my HH's (well, and mine, too). Hmm. . . half the chocolate chips? Must try that next time. :)

  16. I totally understand!!! Sounds like you really have your mind made up and your headed in the right direction. Start posting your runs for us!! I'd love to see your progress (and it will keep you up on it)!
    P.S. I heart muffins!!! Now I WANT ONE!

  17. Definitely sounds like a few good ways to start making a change. Just be patient with yourself, take it day by day, and don't let it get too overwhelming. You'll do great, and you're still a beautiful person either way. :)

  18. good luck, hun, though i'm sure you look absolutely stunning already. but everyone (me included) could lose a couple pounds i guess, haha.

    what's the 3rd vegetable in the muffins? and good idea on the chocolate addition!

    i'll have to try coconut milk pbu next time i make it!

  19. Gina,
    It's amazing how much stress can affect us, both mentally and physically. Blasted cortisol levels! I gained 13 pounds the first year CD and I were about a muffin top. :)

    You'll get back to your happy weight - you've had so much going on lately. Just give it some time.

    Best of luck with your 5K - I have no doubt you'll rock it!

  20. I really want to thank everyone for being SO supportive :) I love you guys, you're awesome!