Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting Figgy

 I spent most of today working on a big project I have to present to my professor in a one on one meeting Thursday.  I also have class from 4:30 to 10:15 on Tuesday nights, so it was a busy day.  

I packed myself dinner, which was red lentils, brown rice, coconut milk, lemongrass, curry powder, etc.  I cooked up some kale too.  It was okay, something was missing though.  I'll have to try it again.  
Packed and ready for class!

Nutrition Information:  366.3 Calories;  5.7g Total Fat;  3.2g Saturated Fat;  0.0mg Cholesterol;  64.5g Carbohydrates;  17.6g Fiber;  19.6g Protein

When I got to class, my teacher's kid was sick, so she only kept us for about 10 minutes.  Uh, hello?  I have class at 7:30 too, what am I going to do for 3 hours??  Answer:  Go Home.  I did stop at the natural food store that is by school.  I got some fun stuff!  

Someone asked about the PURE bar on the Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness forums a week or two ago, and I had never heard of them...then I saw them today on the very bottom shelf!  I also got some flax tempeh (my favorite) and some Israeli couscous.  The Z sweet is erythritol, a sugar alcohol.  If anyone would like to read more about it, you can here.  I got Soya Kaas "cream cheese", because the Tofutti at this store is still partially hydrogenated, and I don't feel good about that.  The brown rice snaps are black sesame..they look cool, although they are a little salty for me!  

The best part about skipping my second class though, was that I had the time to make the Fig Date Bread from Joy of Vegan Baking.  I have been wanting to make this for a couple of weeks now, slowly gathering the ingredients every few shopping trips.  


I kept the flash on for the second picture, because I just couldn't get a good shot without the flash that showed how chunky and moist it is.  

Oh, did I mention I made it gluten free?  Yeah, I changed a few things.  I used the 1/2 brown rice flour, 1/2 buckwheat flour mix again.  I like this.  You can taste the buckwheat, but I think its a good hearty taste, so it works.  I subbed half the sugar with the erythritol and the other half was beet sugar.  Also, for the fat option (she suggests either vegan margarine or canola oil), I used Smart Balance Light.  I made a half loaf (we have little loaf pans).  

Regardless, for one serving (8 for me, 16 for a whole loaf): 
Nutrition Information:  179.9 Calories;  6.3g Total Fat;  0.8g Saturated Fat;  0.0mg Cholesterol;  218.8mg Sodium;  30.4g Carbohydrates;  3.8g FIber;  3.3g Protein.

This bread is so delicious!  Nice and moist, lots of chunks, just really yummy.  If you have the book, I highly suggest trying it!  

Oh!  Also, I added Xantham Gum, about 0.5tsp to the dry mix.  Seems to have worked perfectly!

Edit Alert!  
I tried one of the PURE bars that I bought earlier, and I am totally in love.  I had the Cherry Cashew bar, and it was totally delicious.  

Nutrition Information:  200 Calories;  9g Total Fat;  1g Saturated Fat;  0.0mg Cholesterol;  5mg Sodium;  26g Carbohydrates;  4g Fiber;  6g Protein

It is a raw bar, similar to the Larabar and the others that I have tried, although it has more ingredients.  In this particular one there is:  Organic Dates, Organic Cherries, Organic Walnuts, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Almonds, Organic Cashews, and Organic Brown Rice Protein.  Although this has sweetener in it, while Larabar is just dates and nuts, and sometimes other fruit, this bar has less sugar and more protein than most other raw bars.  This is by far my favorite raw vegan bar as of yet!  

Okay, now I'm really done :)      


  1. That bread looks so delicious! I love the dried fruit combination...mmm!
    I keep seeing those bars online but never in stores...too bad! Less sugar than a Larabar you say? I always worry about the high amounts of sugar so these bars would be great for me.

  2. Hmmm, I'll be on the lookout for the Pure bars. Your bread looks soooo good!

  3. The bread looks great! Flax tempeh is new to me, I'll have to try it. I do like the sound of your lentils, rice and coconutmilk meal! We have something similar in south India called pongal - its lentils, rice and milk cooked together with butter.

  4. Your dinner looks so good. How do you cook it all together?

  5. I wish I can cook as well as you... then I will have nice dinners and desserts every night!

  6. Shelby, just to be clear, these have LESS sugar, but they are not LOW sugar! I also only bought the two variations that were lower in sugar, the others had more.

    Heather, thanks!

    Sala, that's very cool! Maybe if I add some margarine to it next time it'll taste better? It was definitely missing a little something.

    Juliet, the lentils and kale were cooked separately. The lentils I simmered down in the water and lemongrass, then added the coconut, tomaotes, and spices, and kept simmering until it was warmed through and everything was softened. Oh, and I did just mix it with the brown rice, it was leftover from a few days ago.

    ad:hoc, thank you!

  7. Gina,

    You really do make this look so easy!!

  8. Hi Gina, thanks for your kind words. The Cherry Cashew bar is one of my own favorites too! Your concerns and the things you want from a food bar - good taste without needing to compromise healthful eating, are exactly what were important to me when I made the first PURE Bar. Please know that we really appreciate your support and feedback!

    (founder of PURE Bar)