Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What's Brown and Gold and Yummy All Over?

If you've figured it out already good for you!  I think it is pretty easy to see that the gold is curry powder.  And the messiness of the brown is explained by it being grated chocolate.  So, what is brown and gold and curry and chocolate all over?  

The Savory Chocolate Seitan Pie from the new VegNews website is!  This was so delicious.  I used a half recipe of Seitan O' Greatness, and it came out like...yum.  The only modifications I made to the original recipe was that I didn't use any oil or margarine, and instead sauteed the seitan, onions, and carrots in cooking spray.  This honestly isn't an effort to cut back on fat, I welcome healthy fat in my diet, but in a heavier dish like this, it was just an effort to cut calories...and sometimes fat is the easiest place to cut calories.    

Nutrition Information:  404.8 Calories;  8.6g Fat;  3.0g Saturated Fat;  0.0mg Cholesterol;  703.1mg Sodium;  62.8g Carbohydrates;  10.0g Fiber;  27.2g Protein.

I did indeed cut this into four servings, and it was definitely a filling portion.  The chocolate was, of course, unsweetened, but it gave it a great rich flavor, and the curry gave it a nice subtle kick.  Very bold, very different, very good!  I have to admit I was a little nervous when I tasted it before putting it in the oven, but once everything was all cooked together...yum.  Have I said yum enough?  To top it all off, it's high in protein and fiber!  

Today was a very food-centric day for me.  Normally I go to the gym on my days off of school, but because of my eye bothering me on Monday, my schedule is off this week, which leaves me being extra busy on days that I have school and nothing to do on my days off.  So I went to a new grocery store, which was okay.  One of the guys stocking the shelves told me I should get laser eye surgery because my eyes were too pretty to be hiding behind glasses.  He told me they were...very brown.  That doesn't really sound like much of a compliment, does it?  Anyway, after that I went to a little natural foods store that my mom cut a 10% off coupon out of the paper for me.  It was really into tea and herbs.  I did find wheat berry though!  I had been wanting to try it for awhile.  They also had a lot of interesting homeopathic stuff and essential oils, but I wasn't in the market for it at the moment.  The best about this store though, was that it was in an area that I rarely go to.  In fact, I don't think I've been to this particular strip mall since I have been back at home (which has been over a year now).  Anyway, what used to be a Ground Round restaurant is now an Indian place!  So exciting!  We really don't have any ethnic food near me besides bad Mexican, so this totally made my day.  Now I need to talk someone into going with me.    

Anyway, today was also, admittedly, not a very creative day.  Everything I made was 100% completely borrowed.  I didn't even really modify anything.  Ah well, right?  At least everything was this Pumpkin Rice Pudding from Vegan Mouse.  I left out the raisins, and I used brown rice, but it was still really good.  I highly suggest it.  

Nutrition Information:  251.3 Calories;  2.5g Fat;  0.6g Saturated Fat; 0.0mg Cholesterol;  16.5g Sodium;  52.6g Carbohydrates;  4.4g Fiber;  5.8g Protein.  

Today's Cooking Song of the Day:  Brainwascht - Ben Folds


  1. that seitan chocolate thing intrigued me as soon as I saw it in the magazine!