Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Harmony in Philadelphia

We have been living "just outside Philly" for a few months now. But since we're always away on the weekends, we have barely gotten to get over there at all. And after my initial disappointment, we finally got a chance to make up for it.

There are a few places that I have really been wanting to try. First on the list however, was a place that was right over the bridge that had vegan Dim Sum. How could you possibly go wrong? You can't, and they did not. The place is New Harmony Vegetarian, and for $12 a person, we got all the Dim Sum we could eat!

Hot and Sour Soup

Steamed Veggies and Scallion Pancake

Steamed Veggies and a Tofu Skin Roll

Steamed "Pork" Dumplings

Dessert: Fried Bananas and Fortune Cookies

Not pictured is Nick's Won Ton soup, and sticky rice with black eyed peas and vegan ham.

It was all good. Every last bit of it. But the *best* was the "Pork" dumplings. They were perfectly delicate, and savory, and just really wonderful. Another winner: fried bananas. It is kind of their specialty, they suggested it as soon as we said "dessert". Simply bananas in a light batter, fried, with a light sweet sauce. It was ooey and gooey and just totally perfect.

Its going to be hard to not come here every weekend! Those dumplings were really that good. Plus, who doesn't love a good fortune cookie?

If you are ever in the Philly area, definitely stop by. Although I am glad to find that my initial disappointment was unjustified, and there are plenty of really great veg places in Philadelphia!!


  1. I mentioned this once before, when you asked for suggestions.. but you should really check out Singapore, 10th and Race in Chinatown. BYO. Amazing New Years soup. General Tao's (fried but amazing seitan!!) And the steamed leek dumplings are surprisingly delicious. Very cheap. Friendly staff. And next door a little market with great deals on tofu and bok choy and other fun items. Right over the Ben Franklin. Enjoy!

  2. I want to go!! Is it only at certain times on the weekend? I think Dim Sum is only served early
    in the day. Let me know.

  3. AutumnTao, thanks for the reminder!! I was totally not feeling Philly when I got those first suggestions, I am totally going to have to go back and look at the comments for that post because I know I got some good advice.

    Mom, its not a "dim sum place", if that makes sense. Its not like you go at a certain time and dim sum is what is going on. You go whenever, and you order anything you want from the dim sum menu.

  4. What a great fortune! I love the look of that tofu skin roll, YUMMMY!

  5. Awesome!!!! All the food looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Vegan dim sum! That sounds like the best thing ever, and when I saw the pork dumpling pic, I knew that had to be the hands-down fave.

  7. The dim sum is a veg must. They just keep bringing food out, who doesn't love that?

    Even if you're stuffed, do request a piece of vegan cheesecake to go. It's worthwhile.

  8. That looks really great. I especially love the fortune. I usually get weird ones that don't make any sense, but yours is really uplifting and positive!

  9. The stuff looks great! I'm a little hesitant about the fried bananas, so I may just have to try them for myself one day. :)

  10. Great fortune!!
    I love chinese food, but we really don't order it very often. When we do, we always get spring rolls and won ton soup, yum.

    I have not received the package yet, I hope it didn't get lost! Someone is enjoying them right now..haha. If I don't get it, don't worry about sending me another one, it's really ok.

  11. awesome! i used to live in philly... but i wasn't vegan at the time. i wish i had been so i would have tried some of these eats!