Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Does anyone else feel like the blog world has been experiencing something of a slump? I know I’ve been feeling slumpy. I think because of the nice weather, the longer days, etc, you just don’t want to sit in front of the computer in a small dark room, packed floor to ceiling with boxes.

What do you mean your computer room doesn’t look like that? Mine does.

In fact, this picture is incredibly deceiving, it is never this light in there. Zoe loves it,

I do not. I know, most people have wireless, I haven’t gotten a chance to set it up. Mainly because we are hoping to move soon, which is another reason why we have all these still-packed boxes sitting around.

Now, contrary to when I personally am going through a bit of a slump, the kitchen has been quite productive. We’ve been making dinner most nights, and its been tasty as well.

The weekend before my husband came back from his trip to Washington state, I had a little Vegan Brunch extravaganza. Some favorites were the Buckwheat Waffles.

YUM! We got a waffle iron from a church sale a few weeks ago for $5. WORTH IT!! These were so good, and the perfect use of all the buckwheat flour I have. These were so light and fluffy, nice and moist inside, and had a nice nutty flavor from the buckwheat. They also freeze and re-toast perfectly. They somehow stay moist inside.

I also made the Italian Feast Sausages. I love vegan sausage. Its really hard to find a kind that I don’t like. I made a half batch because the whole batch doesn’t fit in my steamer basket, and I made them half-size, so that one sausage is a perfect little portion.

These are good for breakfast, these are good for lunch, these are good for dinner, and I suspect they’re probably awesome for brunch. They’ve got a nice hit of spice from the fennel and chili flakes. They’re good.

And I am hereby ending my blogging slump. At least until we move (which probably won't be for awhile still). Now go out and have some brunch!


  1. I've only been blogging since March, I I've yet to have a blogging slump, but I'm sure it's coming!

    The waffles look great, and I have to say so does the sausage! I've had vegan sausage before and I really enjoyed it.

    I'm glad you're back, and out of your slump :)

  2. yumtastic! i want to make everything from vegan brunch. now.

  3. hollllerrr vegan brunch. i'm home from college right now and my bedroom looks like your office, haha

  4. I've been in a blogging slump for what is starting to feel like forever now! I can't even use summer as an excuse because it's the middle of winter!

    Mmmm I must try those sausages. I haven't had any that I haven't liked either! I've tried the Chorizo one's but not the Italian.

    And if it makes you feel any better, I have wireless, it's set up and working and I'm still sitting at a desk in my messy lounge room :P

  5. heh I experienced it last month and what's left of it. I am over-worked and in need of a vaykay to be honest....but girl moving again...but it's okay you are made of strength. hehe

  6. I'm in a slump of my own, and I even have internet at home and at uni now! I will pretend it's because I'm so busy actually doing my PhD...

    Your brunches look great! I was a huge breakfast sausage fan in my pregan days, which is pretty gross, but all of the vegan options are so much better!

  7. I'm feeling the blogging slump too. I haven't posted in a couple days but I have no time at all!

  8. i'm having a cooking slump :-( because i don't have a lot of counter space in my new place and still have to figure out how to unpack my kitchen stuff. hopefully tomorrow i'll work on that... where will you move next?

  9. I'm not feeling slumpy in the least, but holy cow are others disappearing without so much as a "later dude!"...And I'm talking Bigtime bloggers too. Oy. I feel like I'm owed the courtesy of a Goodbye or Be Back Later, YK?