Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Momentous Day

It was going to be so hard to top a 100th post, that I figured I would wait for another momentous day.  Luckily, one came quickly!  

Today is our third anniversary!  (Wedding anniversary, if that wasn't clear).  Its hard to believe, really, maybe because we've been apart for more than half of it.

For our first anniversary, we went to our favorite place at the time, Roy's.  This was just around my switch to vegetarianism, and I remember being really conflicted about the fish.  For some reason people seem to view fish as lesser beings, hence the increase in pescatarians, but fishies have always been some of my favorite animals, so I didn't quite get that.  I had goldfish wen I was younger and when I was in college, my husband (then boyfriend, obviously) got me two goldfish.  Once we have our own house and little more room, we hope to get a really big tank (we'll see how Zoe feels about that).  (By the way, some Roy's locations have really fantastic separate vegetarian menus.  For example, the one in Maui is fantastic.  The one in Baltimore, sucks).    

Anyway, our last anniversary he was in Iraq, so we didn't really do anything.  This year we're finally together again, there is no fishy conflict, and my husband offered to make dinner.  That's right ladies and gentlemen.  Not only has he decided to try out eating a vegan diet, but he's trying to learn to cook too.  If you knew my husband, you would probably want to call him up to confirm this because it even sounds to ME like I'm making it up.  I'm happy for him though.  

He made the Three-Bean Chili from The Vegan Table, substituting the three cans of beans we had on hand. It took every ounce of self control for me to not go over and check on him constantly, but I tried my best to relax and watch the train wreck that is Daisy of Love (did I just admit that??).  

Three Bean Chili with Roman Beans, Kidney Beans, and Small White Beans

I was in charge of dessert.  This was a toughie.  If I made a cake, I'd spend the next few days stuffing my face with it.  He requested chocolate, and the same fate was true with brownies.  Yes, I want to relax and enjoy my anniversary, but I don't want it carrying over to the rest of my week and causing me grief.  I scoured the cookbooks...Vegan with a Vengeance?  Ani's Raw Food Desserts?  Veganomicon?  Vegan Express?  

I finally settled on the Chocolate Orange Pudding from Vegan Soul Kitchen.  Who doesn't like a rich chocolately pudding, right?  From there I took the easy way out and made mini chocolate pudding pies using store-bought pie crusts.  

I made the topping, and if anyone wants the "recipe" feel free to email me.  It was really easy and it went perfectly.  The only problem?  They were super good and even though I only made half a recipe of the pudding it filled five mini pie crusts.  So we both had two...but that's what anniversaries are for :)   

On Monday I mentioned an announcement, and I still have it, although it has changed a little.  Nick just found out that he has some temporary duty at Ft Lewis starting at the end of this month.  If you are unaware, Ft Lewis is in Washington state.  We are in New Jersey now.  And we are driving!  The drive out there, I think is going to be a straight shot.  One the way back though, I'm hoping to take a little bit more time and see California a little, and go through the middle of the country.  I've gone cross-country before with my family, but never to Washington, and never as a vegan.  So...if anyone has some must-see, or must-eat-at places, a suggestion for a route to take on the way back, advice, etc, let me know!!  And I mean, anywhere in the country really.  Comment or email, I want to know the best places to stop at, from random to obvious.  And, if anyone lives near Seattle, let me know, I will most likely be pretty bored!   


  1. Happy Anniversary! Love the Chocolate Orange Pudding!

  2. congrats. that sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate. i love the vegan table! that chili looks awesome.

    DC definitely has some fabulous places, but maybe it is a bit out of your way?? if you will be traveling through for sure feel free to email me and i'll give you the (vegan) scoop.

  3. Happy Anniversary and yay for cooking husbands! (I wish mine would! He neither cooks for me or eats anything remotely vegetarian :()

    Both the meal and the dessert look wonderful!


    Goodness woman, you're on a roll with the life changing adventures lately haven't ya!

    You know who you should ask for good eats across the country - River. I bet she has some ideas. You know CM - lives out in WA. She's super cool. She's the one with the frittata recipe.

  5. Congrats on your anniversary! :)

    And on your 100th post! hahaha. Those pies looks delicious. I would like to have the recipe for the topping :)

  6. wow you have way more self control than me - i would have gone ahead and just made cake or brownies. then i would have brought the leftovers to work but would still end up eating too much by grabbing a bite everytime i would walk by it. happy anniversary! and the road trip sounds so fun! my next big trip might be to get myself to the west coast, we'll see...

  7. Happy anniversary!! You have lots and lots of exciting things going on! No real suggestions for good vegan places in my part of NC, but if I think of any I'll definitely let you know.

    Actually, my sister is vegan and lives in Seattle. I could put you in touch if you'd like. Or I could at least get some suggestions from her. I'm going to go email her right now. :)

  8. Happy anniversary!!! I wish my boyfriend would take a hint from your husband about eating and cooking vegan!

    And I just got the Vegan Table, so I can't wait to try that chili.

  9. To answer your Tofutti question: I think I'm now buying the non-hydrogenated kind! At least I hope so. I assumed it was cause Whole Foods isn't supposed to sell anything with hydro. oils. They pulled the Tofutti cheeze slices for that reason.

    I'll have to check when I get home. It tastes fine to me, but even if it is different, I doubt I'd be able to tell. I don't have a very discerning palette. I like almost everything....

  10. You MUST go to the Flying Apron Bakery in Seattle! It is entirely vegan, gluten-free, and wheat-free, and A-DORABLE! They have these long tables every sits at, family style. In addition to baked goods, they have a coffee bar (duh! It's Seattle!, and delicious quiches, etc.... I hope you get to go. Here is a link to there website:
    If you go to Portland, OR there is an amazing Vegan restaurant call Old Wives Tales: Once you decide your route let me know. I've been all over the US and Canada for the past 2 years. I'll probably have some suggestions for you. I'm blanking now, but specificity will help jog my memory! :-)

  11. I just realized I spelled "Their" incorrectly. I wrote "there". DOH!

  12. WOW good job Nick!!! Looks super yummy!

    I'm glad to hear you had a good anniversary, you both deserve it!

    I hope you have a safe drive to WA.

  13. Gina,
    Dinner and dessert both look delicious! Happy Anniversary to you and Nick. I swear, if you allow them in, those boys can really surprise you in the kitchen. :)

    Hmm, you probably won't be driving through Nashville, but Chicago has some amazing restaurants - be sure to go to the Chicago Diner if you get a chance and this place sells vegan donuts in Seattle:

  14. Happy Anniversary!

    I'm kind of distracted by this Seattle business since I'm only a few hours away. Let me know when you'll be there and I'll try my best to come down there!!

    I don't think you'll have any problem with being vegan in Seattle. It's similar to Vancouver, and it's SO vegan friendly here.

  15. Happy Anniversary! :)

    Oh, chocolate pudding pie... Sounds like sweet comfort food to me!

  16. Thanks everyone!! Sorry I went and disappeared again, I'll be back tonight, I swear.

    And thanks for all of the suggestions for places to eat!! We're leaving this weekend, it came up SO fast!

  17. Happy Anniversary! It's great when the guys cook hey! I totally know what you mean by you had to really control yourself not to go and check on him! lol! But this dish looks so yum! Congrats to him! And those pies! oooohhh! I haven't had a dessert like this for a long time!

  18. woah, those little puddings are gorgeous!! happy anniversary, and happy belated 100th post!

    I especially love those little curls of zest, now I'm all hungry for puddin'... :D

  19. Happy anniversary! Dinner and dessert look great. And have fun with your road trip! Can't wait to hear about it.