Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Popping In and Dropping Back

Hello all! Does anyone else have this weird innate sense of what the weather is like before you've looked outside? I can always tell if it rained before I get out of bed. Today, it was very nice when I left for work, and I was telling my manager how I couldn't understand why it "felt" like it was so crummy out. Turns out it had become pretty dreary and rainy. She thought I was nuts (in a good way, we like her).

Anyway, I would love to say that I have a million things to talk about but the thing is...I don't. Hence the lack of posting. Food has been so boring, mostly because I have been super stressed out. And I have yet to announce the reason either, because we weren't sure if it was happening or not until last week. Anyway, we are going to be moving. This month. In less than two weeks actually. We're going to be going to Connecticut for a few months, while my husband waits for his paperwork to be completed so that he can re-enter the Army. After that, we'll be moving again.

I don't handle stress well, although working out helps with that. And of course yoga usually helps the most. A few weekends ago, I had my husband video my dropbacks while were visiting his family in North Carolina, and since I have no food or pictures today, I thought I'd share that. For the record, I thought the sound was off. It wasn't. Yay. Anyway, enjoy. Then come back for the rest of the post.

Last week I was at the point where even yoga was stressing me out, so I've taken the last week off. From everything. This is huge because I even got a new Manduka yoga mat and have yet to even use it. Crazy!

The good news is that change creates things to blog about, plus I'll have a lot more free time since I have yet to decide what I am going to do about that whole job thing. You can expect more from me soon, but no guarantees until after we get settled in Connecticut. Please don't leave me, I promise I have not left!!


  1. Hey there, just rediscovered your great blog!

    Good luck with your move; hope everything goes well. The yoga video's great- I'm yet to try dropbacks, and they look rather intimidating! Good job :)

  2. oh moving so much really can be stressful, i'm sorry! good luck! i am personally avoiding looking for possible new apartments just because i don't want to do the physical packing part.

  3. Woah, you are so hardcore! Good luck with moving, it is a very stressful thing but at least you have yoga and workouts to help you cope. And blogging, because there are plenty of people to offer you sympathy on the interwebs.

  4. Lots of changes going on in your life!

    Hey, I made vegan cookies for my college class today and they loved them!

  5. I love drop backs and standing up. I usually tick-tock a dozen times a day or so. Great for the core and back.

    Congrats on the move...that's big!!!

    And re Ace, I answered it on my blog in case others wanted to know too. Basically, it's easy and affordable and i can do it self study.

  6. WOW! I'm impressed. If I tried to do that, I would probably fall and kill myself. I know I used to be able to do it when I was young, and I'm sure with lots of practice I could do it again, but you make it look so easy!! I hope it's helping your stress. Working out helps me too, as does a good yoga session.

  7. Love that video! I'm super impressed, you were so graceful and controlled the whole time. I think I would land right on my head if I tried that...

  8. You really do make that look easy. Wow.

  9. Whoa. You just made me feel very stiff and out of shape! :D

    Connecticut! I have always wanted to go there, it seems so nice. I hope you get to de-stress and enjoy your new surroundings when you get there. Oh, and you must take some pictures in Autumn if you're still in Connecticut then! The changing leaves up there are so beautiful! :)

    Did you ever get the black onion seeds?

  10. So lately I've been wanting to try to do fall-backs, something I was very good at as a kid when I took gymnastics but haven't done in years. I was having a mental block though - I knew that with all the yoga I've been doing I would have no problem but couldn't get past the conviction that I would fall on my hide. After watching your video, I just sucked it up and did it and guess what! I didn't fall on my head! It was so easy! Thank you for inspiring me to challenge myself!

  11. Jennifer, that is awesome!!! Way to go, glad I could help!!

  12. Aand, that is Gina (and this is Gina), apparently my husband is logged in, haha.

  13. Gina,
    I just saw your comment on River's blog (Crafty Kook) and wanted to say thank you so much for such a nice comment about my cookbook! I'm glad you enjoy it. :D

    Funny, yoga stresses me out, too. ;)

  14. It was one crazy weekend, indeed :)

    Damn! I wish I could yoga like that. Every time I try, I just fall over haha.

  15. I hope your move goes well. I love moving! I don't even live in a real home! =D But that makes it hard to have all the cooking equipment I need/want...

    I happened to find your blog today and I love it! All the recipes and pictures you post seem so delicious! I can't wait to try out some of them.

  16. Wow! I won't be trying those yoga moves any time soon, lol. I wish you and your hubby well in your move and in your new plans. Hope to see you around when you're back at blogging.

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  18. Have you moved? Missing your posts.

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