Saturday, March 6, 2010

Raw Foods, Mixed Well

I've been doing a lot of stealing lately. Of course I mean stealing from other bloggers and websites. As such, I have tons of pictures, and not much to write about except how delicious everything is. So I figured I will do just that.

First off though, we got a Vita-Mix! This has been a very exciting development, and I think I have used it multiple times every day. I love it love it love it already. So most of the food being shown here was made with that.

I hit Averie's blog first. She posts a lot of stuff that looks great, but I have been dying to try her Raw Vegan Kale Chips. They were one of the first things that got made in my shiny new (well...refurbished, but new to me) Vita-Mix...and oh man did they deliver.

They were cheesey and crispy and made the whole apartment smell yummy while they were dehydrating. I added some cayenne for a little kick too, and they were gone very quickly.

I also tried one of Averie's newer desserts that she had posted. Now don't get me wrong, I love chocolate and all that too, but when I saw her recipe for Raw Caramels, I had to make them.

Either my hand is smaller, or I spread mine thinner!

Sandwiched with chocolate soynut butter

Ah, there he is. I'm not the only one in this place that's been stealing. Ivan, our newest little stinker, LOVES food. And I don't mean he gets excited when a can is opened because he still thinks there's a chance it might be tuna, like Zoe does. The cat loves anything. One of his favorite treats is spinach, he loves zucchini and asparagus, and he has an especially soft spot for coconut (flakes, oil, milk, any form). So you can expect to find him in most pictures from here on out because it is almost impossible to keep him out of them!

So, one of the reasons I have always wanted a Vita-Mix was because it seemed like making smoothies was just SO much easier. is infinitely such.

Avocado, kale, spinach, parsley, cucumber, banana, dates.

Avocado, cucumber, parsley, kale, spinach, frozen strawberries, pear.

Topped with grapefruit.

Spirulina smoothie from Annie's Raw Food Kitchen. Which Ivan especially loved...

and got him very messy, since he knocked over the blender and crawled inside to lick it all up.

I did have some not so raw food this week. I was watching the Food Network while working out and saw these Sauteed Potatoes with Chorizo being made on Mexican Made Easy. I was thinking how I could easily do it with a Soy Chorizo, and was then dumbfounded when the host actually suggested doing that to make it vegetarian. So, I tried it.

We also used sweet potatoes instead of white.

Honestly, this was just okay. I've never had real chorizo and I used Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo. I don't think that Soy Chorizo is really an awesome substitute. It just tasted like TVP marinated in spices. I'm sure that's what it is, and I've made things like that before. So, it was fine, just not what I was expecting I guess. Have you tried the Soy Chorizo or even Soyrizo? Is one better? Am I just asking too much of poor TVP?

I also whipped out another tool that I had promised I would be using a lot this year. I have been using it, just haven't been posting about it for some reason. Anyway, enter the spiralizer!

Zucchini "Noodles"

which Ivan, of course, loves

Mixed with a mango and red pepper mixture from the Modern Ayurvedic Cookbook.

All together with a sesame oil dressing, lime, and cilantro.

This recipe was supposed to be made with buckwheat noodles, but it made such a fantastic combo with the Zucchini "Noodles". I have leftovers of this and I am very happy about it!

Back to the Vita-Mix for the last thing today, which was from one of my newest very favorite bloggers, the lovely Michal, from Earth Muffin. I was at a loss for what to have for breakfast this morning. On the weekends I always want something "special", but I still want it to be healthy. I usually end up compromising one of those. Not today! I made her Spiced Carrot Puree.

This pretty much tasted like carrot cake in a bowl. I used 2 dates to sweeten it, and added cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and ginger, and it was totally perfect...with the obvious addition of coconut and raisins! This made such a satisfying breakfast, it totally fit my "special", and healthy, requests. Oh, and this got Ivan's seal of approval too. At one point he was able to get some by sticking his foot in it (I know, I'm not proud), and when I was done, he licked the bowl.

So there we have it! A week's worth of good food, thankyouverymuch blog friends and Vita-Mix! And as I mentioned above, I did get a refurbished model, so it was about $100 less. Still expensive, but I've only had it for a week, and I can tell you it is so worth it.

Enjoy the weekend! I am off to my cousin's birthday party, and my brother's band's show.


  1. want a personcat? i lick bowls, too..

  2. Oh! These look so good! (So does the cat!) I have a Vitamix and love it. I think the carmel will be the first thing I try. Thanks!

  3. Congrats on the Vitamix!!! I love mine too. They are SO fabulous!

    All the food looks so yummy and your kitties are adorable. =)

  4. Yay for vitamix! Ivan is hilarious.

  5. First the kale chips..I am sooo glad you made them and love them! And yes they disappear very quickly if you use that recipe :) All those hours in the dehyd and BAM they go missing, fast!

    The caramels! Yours look a smidge thinner than mine, but what's funny is that you posted a hand shot like i did. I only did that for size purposes b/c people ask for those kinda shots LOL But i am 5'11" and have very long fingers so that's probably why your hand looks smaller up against the is :)

    The taste and never made mention of it! I am assuming good..but hey, LMK!

    The mango and red pepper with the dressing you made over the zuke noods...THAT is my kind of dish! I need to make something like that.

    Gina thanks so much for linking and making TWO of my recipes in one post, I'm flattered!

    And Michal's carrot cake in a bowl, i need that :)

  6. I love Michal's Carrot Puree! Have you ever tried her SP & NB Soup? It's heavenly! There was one week where I think I ate it three times for's just THAT good. :)

  7. I love this post! Aww, Ivan just made my day! That picture of his nose (and whiskers!) sniffing the green smoothie is my favorite. I love kitteh noses!

    How cool that you bought a Vitamix! YAY! I'm so glad you're enjoying it so much! We have considered buying a refurbished one a few times, but it's still quite an investment for us. Maybe next Christmas! (though that's what I always say every year)

  8. What an absolutely delicious roundup of food!

  9. Those look like some awesome meals!

  10. Kittehs are so funny! Nacho is seriously in love with corn and pumpkin, to the point where when she hears the corn husks she wakes up and comes running the way some cats do with can openers. Ivan looks so cute with smoothie on his head!

  11. i go back and forth on the vitamix... whenever i see awesome pics like yours i want to buy it... but then i look at my kitchen space and think twice. i totally want to make those kale chips!

    and i *heart* zucchini noodles - your red pepper salad looks awesome! the dressing sounds light and refreshing!

  12. I love all the pics with the kitty! Mine is the same. She must smell everything, check out everything, A-OK everything ;)

    I also made Averie's caramels. Super yummy!

  13. hi friends .. i just wanted to invite you to visit my blog its all about cute babies and other things. thanks ...... COME ON ... a beautiful site. You will absolutely love it.

  14. Zucchini noodle salad with mango! Wow, that sounds so refreshing! I would really love to have a vita-mix, I just manage with a hand blender!
    There's a rice cooker giveaway at my blog, if you're interested come and check it out.

  15. Oh my gosh congratulations on getting a vita-mix I am super jealous :) I cant wait until I can get a vita-max some day in the future.

    And thanks for the shout out your carrot-gasm in a bowl looks so yummy I love the addition of the chocolate chips.

    Enjoy your weekend@

  16. SO many yummy looking eats and treats - YUM!

    Love the raw noodles. My spiralizer should be here any day and I can't wait to get started!

    Now I'm hungry. LOL


  17. I love that your cat is in so many pics! :)

  18. Beware of Trader Joe's products that look to be vegan. Many have hidden animal ingredients, including egg whites in their fake meats. Read the labels.

  19. I LOVE my vitamix. In fact, it was one of my first blog posts! Check it out!