Saturday, May 9, 2009


Seriously, what makes a good brownie?  Some people like them fudgey, some like them cakey.  

Personally, if I wanted cake, I'd eat cake...with frosting.  Fudgey brownies are so moist and squishy, they don't really need frosting.  

Well, my husband and I are going to have dinner with my best friend and her husband tonight.  I am bringing dessert.  A few months ago I brought brownies that were a complete disaster.  I had to redeem myself.  

I don't claim to be a baker, so I used the Fudgey Wudgey Brownies recipe from Veganomicon.  Were they fudgey?  Yes.  Were they wudgey?  Yes.  If you are wondering what wudgey means, make the brownies and I think you'll be able to come up with a definition.

Are you a middle or end person?  I really love the corners, I think the "crust" of the brownies is by far the best part.   

I was able to get kind of solid pieces out of the sides:

However, the middle came out looking like this:

If you decide to make these, I suggest making it as she directed, with the blueberries.  I made the raspberry variation, and I think the raspberries broke down to much and added too much moisture, and making the middles become brownie wudginess.  

But...these are still completely delicious.  I can't believe I almost forgot to add that.  Yes, you may want to eat them with a fork.  Yes, you may only want to eat one, because they are intensely sweet and rich.  But they have such a great combination of fruit and chocolate, along with chunks of fruit and chocolate chips...they're just yummy.  

Life is still a little crazy here, although I now officially never have to see my last "cooperating" teacher again.  I'm going on the field trip with the kids monday (she isn't going), and then I'm going to go back and spend a few days at the high school again.  Grad school will be over this week too.  

I really can't believe its all coming to an end :)  Brownies will be a perfect way to celebrate!  


  1. i wanted to try those but was afraid of how the blueberries would make it taste. glad to hear yours came out pretty well, even using raspberries!

  2. Totally love the crusty edges. I get into major trouble when I cut brownies as all the crust end up in my belly, but it's not like I'm going to throw them away!

    Congrats on being almost done with grad school Gina!!!!

  3. I was actually planning on making these with but was kind of afraid on how they would taste but now I'm definetly going to do them, thanks :)

  4. I've never been a fan of crusty )except on pizza) so I'll take that ooey gooey middle!!!

    At first I didn't think the blueberries and chocolate combo would be good, but after so many oatmeal combos featuring said's delicious. I must get around to makin those!

  5. I like the edges, but I'm really more of a middle brownie eater for sure, haha.

  6. Brownies are like crack.

    And you make awesome "crack".

    Have a good Mother's Day with your mommie!


  7. I secretly love when parts of a dish come out funky, that means I can eat it instantly before anyone sees it. lol.

  8. Congrats! I'm sure that's a load off!

  9. Those look good! I love the corners, too. If you ever want brownies fast, Duncun hines has a non-dairy fudgey brownie mix. I think I may have mentioned before about the blended blackbeans or pumpkin, which is all that needs to be added. My parents and grandfather weren't too impressed with my vegan brownies because they were too flat and they like them to be like cake. Whatever.