Friday, February 27, 2009

Mail Call

Everyone likes mail, right?  Okay, everyone likes mail that isn't bills or junk, right?  

I had a big mail week.  On Monday, I got a little surprise.  You can see on the right of my page that I am a Foodbuzz featured publisher and, maybe I just didn't read the fine print, but I was excited when I got these cute little cards in my mailbox!

To be completely honest, I don't have a clue what I am going to do with them.  If you can't tell, they're about half the size of a regular business card.  Such a cute surprise!  

Next was something I ordered.  I saw on Megan's blog a week or two ago, that she had ordered something called a YouBar.  

I am a total sucker for stuff like this.  I went crazy making my own cereal mixes when I discovered [me] & goji.  So, while they are on the pricey side, I totally had to make my own.  The website is really cool.  You get to choose the base, nuts, seeds, nut butters, dried fruits, protein, and other add ins like spirulina, maca powder, cocoa powder, etc.  Then you name it, they give you an idea of whether or not it'll taste like crap, and then they make it up fresh, and send them off. 

When I was making mine it seemed like a huge jumble of randomness, so I named it The Messy Bar.  It ended up being not so messy, but certainly yummy!

This was made up of:  Dates, Sunflower seed butter, YouBar base (almond butter and dates), blueberries, agave nectar, rice protein, soy protein isolate, chia seeds, hempseeds, oat bran, maca powder, and stevia.  All their ingredients are organic, too.  

Of course, because I am always first concerned with nutrition information:  

These are about 200 calories and have 10g of protein.  They're really good.  My only complaint is that I'm pretty sure they put in dried apples instead of dried blueberries.

My last mail treat was from Robert Cheeke of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness.  He made a post a few days ago, wondering if anyone wanted some walnuts from his mom's farm.  Of course I said yes, $5 a pound for fresh walnuts?  Sign me up.  

They're totally delicious, I'm so glad I had him send me some.  Anyone else get anything fun in the mail lately?  

I was really stressed for some reason this week, so I am looking forward to mostly staying home and doing a bunch of work.  I am being observed on Monday, and I've got a paper due.  Boring, but hopefully I'll be able to recharge a little.  What's on the agenda for your weekend?  


  1. i've been so tempted by the you bars! yours look great.

  2. Those bars are so neat!!

    I almost did that cereal once but I didn't know if I wanted to spend the money. I may have to look into those bars, though!

    Have a great weekend : )

  3. yay for foodbuzz cards! i'm still totally waiting to get mine!!! how long did yours take after signing up with them?

    and love those bars! they sound amazing!!!

  4. Fabulous YouBars! I love that idea.

  5. Don't stress Gina! Your observation will go great as you seem to be really comfortable with your student teaching job.

    What a fun day of seems no one ever sends real letters anymore with email and texting. So nice to open the mailbox and get a surprise.

    I didn't know we got business cards from Foodbuzz. So fun, and those walnuts. Nice as I know you're loving them these days. You bars - I wanted to try them, but I knew with my ingredient list, they would be super expensive. The nutrients on your's are great. 10 grams of protein? Impressive!

  6. Awesome! I love fun (and even better...edible) mail!

  7. Oh, they are will most likely be a one time thing.

    I'm not stressed about the observation, I already had one, and it went fine. I don't expect this one to be different.

    I honestly think I've just been feeling kind of lonely.

    Oh, and I've been a FP for foodbuzz for like...3 months? They don't come right away.

  8. wow, gotta try that youbar...sorry you've been stressed this week, but we all need a little stress in our lives, or life will be too boring! good luck on your paper!

  9. oooo the business cards are so cute!!!
    i've been wanting to try youbar and me&gogi! your bars look delicious and such great stats!!! have a wonderful weekend and good luck with all your busy-ness! i hope you can de-stress a bit!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that is so cheap for walnuts!! can you still get them?????
    have a great weekend!!

  10. Hey Gina!

    Sorry I can't help you at all, because I've never tried agar powder. I really should, though, because I've heard it's easier to work with. Anyway, good luck!!

  11. HOORAY for Foodbuzz!!

    Those YouBars look quite intriguing - love the combination you created!!

    Hang in there with the stress!! I can relate :-(

  12. Your bars sound so yummy - I would love to try one! I'm sure you know this, but many companies replace blueberry with dehydrated apple (think waffles, cereal, etc.) Bastards.

  13. Hi Gina!
    I just found your site and am looking forward to reading! It's nice to meet another grad student.
    What are you studying?

    I like the idea of YouBars! I'll have to check that site out!

  14. Wow! That Foodbuzz thing is pretty cool. I absolutely have to try that YouBar out! I'm soooo picky about bars. I never eat them. I hope everything goes well with your paper. Good luck on your observation.

  15. My weekend has been just full of house hunting stuff. I need a break! :)

    Your Messy Bars...very cool. That sounds like such a great idea to give as a gift!

  16. aw, thanks for your lovely comment!