Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gifts From Friends

There is a lot of fun stuff that comes with blogging: making new friends, receiving product samples, hosting giveaways, eating lots of food at every vegan restaurant you can find because you must report back to those friends, lest they be stranded in your corner of the world with nothing to eat...

But by far, the best thing about blogging is swapping gifts with said friends. Even better is when you are lucky enough to receive homemade gifts. And this past week I was the lucky recipient of homemade treats from two wonderful bloggers.

First, I won Amy's lovely giveaway of her own homemade jam. I opted for the Vanilla Bing Cherry variety and I was not disappointed. This is extremely delicious, even better than I anticipated. You can clearly taste both the sweet tart cherries and that clean splash of vanilla. Thank you Amy, you are so talented!

Not to mention it came with a completely adorable giraffe card!!

Happily following the cherry trend, I was surprised by another package a few days after Amy's arrived. I got excited when I saw that return address, as it was from none other than Hannah, and from the shape of the box, I was crossing my fingers for some more homemade goodness.

Sure enough, out popped a bag of Coconut Granola with Cherries. Yum.

Yes, Hannah, I do love coconut, and I especially loved how as soon I as opened the bag, the coconut smell hit my nose immediately. This is very delicious, and we are big granola lovers in this house! Thank you so much!

I am so thrilled so have been the recipient of such kindness this month. And with the holidays fast approaching, the season of giving and sharing is already in full swing. If you're in the mood to help someone out, hop on over and visit Katie, to support Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness. All it takes is a click...literally!

Enjoy the day, everyone!


  1. Coconut granola? Homemade jam?
    Can I have your friends? ;)

    Thanks so much for mentioning the charity drive, Gina. It means so much to me!

  2. I love Blogger exchange goodies!!! Especially when they're homemade. The granola and jam both look so lovely. And I think that just inspired me to make granola and homemade jam (or maybe pumpkin butter) for Xmas gifts this year. I've been trying to think of good shelf-stable food gifts that I can make to save money on gifty ideas. Thanks to you, Amy, and Hannah for the inspiration!

  3. Oh yay, I can breathe a sigh of relief now! I'm so glad that the granola got to you safely, and even more so that you like it! It really is awesome to have such generous blogger friends. ;)

  4. Wow that Jam looks amazing! I love giveaways & swaps too!

  5. Gift swaps are the best! Especially when they end up as beautiful as this one.

  6. Hi Gina!
    I'm Erin, the newest follower of your blog. Just came across it this morning because I googled "Carrot Breakfast Cookie" and your blog came up! I was looking for a similar recipe to yours for my blog!
    I'm definitely going to have to try yours. So glad I found you! Hope you see you around!

  7. OH MAN! As much as i love a good cherry, i think i may love coconut more. Pair them together and i think i would be in a Euphoria that can only be described in a John Denver Song. Im thinking Country Roads but I was never good at things like this.

    Color you lucky!

  8. Wow! What a lucky gal you are!! Sounds yummy!
    Debra @ Vegan Family Style

  9. Thanks so much for your supportive words Gina. I just need to re-prioritize things. It'll get better. I appreciate your input. Have a great weekend.

  10. coconut granola? YUM! if you have any extras feel free to send 'em my way:)

  11. Yay!!!! It's so fun to get stuff in the mail, especially vegan goods.